Top Tourist Attractions in Maui During Covid-19 And Travel Requirements

top tourist attractions in Maui- write to aspire

Let’s Explore Together the Top Tourist Attractions in Maui

Write to Aspire is exhilarated to provide its readers with the stunning opportunity of visiting the top tourist attractions in Maui. These highly appreciated attractions in Maui entice the visitors to keep them on the top of the bucket list, explore all the best, and create vacation memories.

Travel to feed your soul and to get lost in beautiful places!

From the beautiful beaches to the most popular sports, including snorkeling, kayaking, and much more, we will indeed discuss exploring the top 10 things to do in Maui. It’s the second-largest island of Hawaii. It’s true the pandemic affected the whole world economically and psychologically. And to get back to the usual mindset, planning a vacation with safety measures is not a bad idea while thinking about a trip to Maui. Let us explore the top tourist attractions in Maui.

Maui Travel Restrictions During Pandemic

Yeah, it’s excellent news for people who are planning or willing to plan a trip to Maui. Maui is open for tourism during the global pandemic. Now people can enjoy tourist destinations in Maui.

Let’s look up to Maui’s travel restrictions and vacation package 2020.

    • According to the Hawaii 24th November guidelines, you must have a 14-day quarantine to enjoy the heavenly beauty of the island, Except for the one who held proof of Covid-19 test results as unfavorable, which should be state-approved from a trusted testing associate, just before the departure.
    • If tested positive, then it’s mandatory to quarantine.
    • As per the latest updates in Maui’s travel restrictions stated on 2 December, all tourists must go through a 14-day quarantine, despite Covid-19 test results. To enjoy vacations at Maui and Kauai.
    • Visitors are getting a free second test for those who took pre-departure tests.
    • Now get details about Maui holiday packages. Usually, when planning a trip to Maui for a week, it costs around $1,508 per head.
    • Many Maui hotels offer Maui refundable bookings during open tourism in the pandemic period; you need to check for free cancelation availability before booking.
    • Are you wondering which are the best hotels in Maui? Let us check it out in the list of top 5 Hotels in Maui and for families.

    10 of the Top Tourist Attractions in Maui, Hawaii

    The best time to visit Maui is from November to March, to experience Maui Island’s beauty. The Top 10 tourist attractions in Maui are listed below:

1. Nature and Parks

a. Haleakala National Park

The Haleakala National Park mentioned 30,000 feet above sea level shares a magnificent look of the rising sun to shower the blessings for a new day.

haleakala national park- Top turist attractions in Maui- write to aspire
Haleakala National Park Image by Carol Baylis from Pixabay
b. Pipiwai Trail

Beautiful bamboo forest tour on a horseback ride with a mesmerizing view of waterfalls and the music to ears with the bowing wind in bamboo forest is fantastic like a gesture to greet the visitors, a must to do on the road to Hana Maui.

Pipiwai Trail,Top turist attractions in Maui- write to aspire
Pipiwai Trail Photo by Genevieve Perron-Migneron on Unsplash
Pipiwai Trail - write to aspire
Scenic hiking route of Pipiwai Trail

2. Day Trips

Maui’s main attractions include the day trips from the road to Hana, Molokini and turtle town, pearl Harbor, snorkeling at Lanai, a must in Lanai day trip from Maui, and many more. The fun makes these places the top tourist attractions in Maui.

3. Water Bodies

The water Bodies that thrill the tourist and are in the top 5 Maui main attractions are list below:

a Lahaina Harbor.

Lahaina Harbour, Top turist attractions in Maui - Write to aspire
Lahaina Harbour, Maui Photo by Anna Goncharova on Unsplash

b. Hana Bay

Hana Bay- Top tourist attractions in maui - write to aspire
Bamboo Inn On Hana Bay, Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

c. Honokeana Bay

d. Waioka pond

e. Chings Pond

4. Beaches 

Maui- things to do - write to aspire
Maui beach Photo by Adam Cain on Unsplash

The alluring beaches of Maui are the best places to visit in these vocations. Let’s see the top tourist attractions in Maui;

a. Charley young beach

b. Oneuli Beach

c. Koki Beach

d. Ho’okipa Beach Park

e. Olowalu

See the glimpses of perfect fantasy beaches and imagine how much you will enjoy the radiating sunlight at these beaches with your family.



Maui sugar beach- top tourist attractions in Maui- write to aspire
Maui Sugar Beach Luca Bravo on Unsplash
Maui, Hawaii, USA- Top tourist attractions in maui - write to aspire
Maui, Hawaii, USA-Alexander Smith on Unsplash

5. Cultural and Theme Tour

Being on tour from Lana daytime to Maui, Maui to the big island, pearl harbor, you can see beautiful traditional dance in your to-do things worth spent in Maui vacation. While booking a holiday package to Maui, do keep a day extra in your trip if you have an interest in the dance of Hyatt Maui, as the dance is mesmerizing to watch and is taught by the people of Maui Island.
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach- Top tourist attractions in maui - write to aspire
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach
Guest Room at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach- write to aspire
Guest Room at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach

6. Waterfalls

 The best places to visit in Maui Hawaii, include the waterfalls

a. Upper Waikanae Falls

b. Twin Falls Maui Waterfall

c. Makahiku

d. Puohokamoa

e. Wailua

Upper Waikani Falls- write to aspire
Upper Waikani Falls
Makahiku falls- things to do in Maui- write to aspire
Makahiku Falls
Lower Puohokamoa Falls- things to do in Maui- write to aspire
Lower Puohokamoa Falls
Wailua Valley from the Road to Hana- write to aspire
Wailua Valley from the Road to Hana

7. The North Shore Hostel Maui

The Northshore hostel is famous for being low budget, the beauty of its location, free Wi-Fi, and breakfast. The pancakes test best at this hostel.  The top-rated, high-quality, mouth-watering seafood with a unique Menu is on the rocks at Mama’s Fish House, the Northshore Maui.

The North Shore Hostel Maui- write to aspire
The North Shore Hostel Room, Maui

8. Hana Beach Park

An attractive park at the top of the hill at Maui islands at the Hana beach ticket is booked online to enjoy the vacations at a great package in 2020. It is a top tourist attraction in Maui list.


Gardens at the west Maui are top tourist attractions in Maui. You can check for prices before planning to visit gardens. As per my information, the price range from $90 in Maui vacation packages 2021.

The Road to Hana Maui

The beauty of the road to Hana Maui is nevertheless a heavenly tour from bamboo trees crossing by the waterfalls to the fantastic banana bread at the Halfway to Hana, Thai food, with a Luana spa retreat to get a nap, relax, Hana tropicals much more to explore.

Top 6 things to do in Maui

  1. Snorkeling and Kayaking

The best way to get around Maui is by boat, enjoying extreme sports like Snorkelling. Your choice to visit Molokini Carter will be a great option to take pleasure in Snorkelling and scuba diving with colorful fishes in the water.

Maui Kayaks- things to do in Maui- write to aspire
Maui Kayaks
2. Whale Watching

Whale watching is always the top to-do list for Maui visitors. The best time to visit Maui and explore the main attractions is from November to March. A 2-hour boat tour on Hawaii island gives a pleasure to watch Whales. It’s of the top tourist attractions in Maui.

whale watching- things to do in Maui- write to aspire
Whale Watching, Maui
3. Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails are the best things to do. Maui’s best places for hiking are Lao Valley state park, Haleakala, Pipiwai Trail, etc. While packing, make sure to check the hiking backpack essential list to have everything you need on a hike day.

Viewpoint on the Waikamoi Nature Trail, Maui- write to aspire
Viewpoint on the Waikamoi Nature Trail, Maui
4. Swim with Turtles

The water-loving people can have the pleasure of swimming with the turtles on Maui at Molokini crater. A 2-hour swim can reach from one end to another of the place, keep watch Whales could be next swim partners is its luck!

swim with turtles in Maui- Things to do
Swimming with Turtles, Maui
5. Maui to Big Island Day Trip

A trip from Maui to Big Island to pearl harbor and return in a single day. This trip is by flight, to get a glimpse of the enchanting landscapes, it almost cost $30 to 191 as per self preference. This is one of the top tourist attractions in Maui.

Big Island Maui - write to aspire
Big Island, Maui
6. Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tour is one of the top things to do in Maui, the second-largest island of Hawaii get, a spectacular view of the island from the top  Arial view, its one to attract tourists in Maui.

 Maui Activities - Hawaii Discount Activities Air Maui CircleMaui Awesome Helicopter Tour- things to do in Maui - write to aspire
Maui Circle Island 60 Minute Awesome Helicopter Tour

Top Tourist Attractions in Maui  including Food Eateries and Hotels

Maui has one of the best family Hotels. Listed below that are near the top tourist attractions in Maui.

a. The Tika Beach Hostel

b. Northshore Hostel

c. Four-season Resort Maui

d. The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua.

e. Montage Kapalua Bay.

Food lovers are welcome to Maui with a range of eateries and restaurants. Namely mentioned below:

a. O’o in upcountry Maui, Maui island. Serves mouth-watering 3-course meals, lunch, and morning coffee.

b. Spam Musubi is another best thing in Hawaii.

c. Grown coffee in Lahaina on a day trip lanai to Maui.

d. Aloha mixed plate is famous for its mixed plate theme, which means lunch plate.

e. Coconut Fish Cafe is the place to dig in at yummy food at Maui and Kauai vacations.

These places well-known for their food, stay and are listed among the top tourist attractions in Maui.

five palm entrance- top tourist attractions in Maui - write to aspire
Five Palm Restaurant
Maui Food- top tourist attractions in Maui
Maui Local Food

Is Maui safe for solo travelers?

Yes, Maui is safe for solo travelers, and they can enjoy the island’s nightlife too. But it would help if you take precautions to avoid any mishappenings. Besides, Hawaii is the best place for female travelers. For instance, solo females can safely enjoy many adventures, like Maui road trips, day trips, Hana Beach Park, whale watching, etc. In this regard, you can prefer to live in the Northshore hostel as a solo traveler. It has a rating of 3.8 on google.

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