Immune System Booster for Toddler- Diet and Supplements Advice

Immune System Booster for Toddler- Diet and Supplements Advice

What is the Need for Immune System Booster for Toddler?

We all know that a mother is always looking for an immune system booster for her toddler. Though the shopping malls are loaded with baby foods and products even then parents seem to have increased concern for a toddler’s diet. As we know, the entire world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic in which everyone’s life is at risk. So, the question is arising how we get through off this Coronavirus? The answer is by boosting our toddler’s immunity. Most of us hear that children and old age peoples are at higher risk. But the person who has low immunity is at high risk. I have listened about people who have had a positive Corona test and did not get fever or pain in their body, probably after a few days and recover instantly why, because of the power of their strong immunity.

We should learn from this the importance of boost immunity. Being a mother and a health care professional, I want to teach every mother about strengthening toddlers’ immune systems. A kid with a robust immune system can lead a healthy life and need less medical intervention.

But every mother has a query that how can she boost up or strengthen her toddler immune system? So, if you are also thinking this article is for you. In this article, we will learn to boost up the immune system of a toddler through diet or supplements.

The to-Do list of Immune System Booster for Toddler

Our first responsibility is to help or guide children to adapt or learn a good lifestyle as a parent. If we give them junk food and do not focus on a natural and healthy diet like fruits, vegetables, and homemade food, this becomes their habit, making their immune system weaker.
Before talking about minerals and vitamins that help boost immunity, let’s first see the harmful eatables our kid might be taking. Or in other words, what food is unhealthy for the body’s natural immune system.

  1. Junk food like chips of different brands.
  2. Bakery items.
  3. Cold drinks or fizzy drinks (never offer toddlers to have it).
  4. Lack of sleep/improper timing of sleep.
  5. Poor hygiene.
  6. No physical activities for kids.
  7. Avoid giving antibiotics for minor illnesses; it makes your toddler’s immune system stubborn and weak.

Harmful ingredients - Immune system booster for toddler- write to aspire

List of Immune System Booster for Toddler

A toddler’s immune system can grow well even with its minor illness. The immune system naturally immunizes with it. But to let it grow efficiently, we need to provide the essential nutrients and vitamins which work as an immunity booster.

Vitamin C for Kids

It boosts the immune system and increases white blood cells, including infection-fighting cells. It also helps to produce a new cell. So, most of the pediatricians recommend oranges or citrus fruit for kids having flu or cold. Vitamin C is also present in kiwi fruit, sweet potato, and broccoli.

Vitamin E for Kids

It is an antioxidant and immune booster for a toddler, and it is present in nuts and grapes.

Vitamin D

It helps the immune system identify the harmful bacteria before they take the whole and make us ill. So, the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight exposure on our bodies. Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin, So bring your toddler in sunlight for a walk. Foods that contain vitamin D are eggs and fish; some vitamin D supplements are also available for toddlers and infants. It also helps with allergies prevention.

Vitamin A

This vitamin generates antibody response and boosts the function of an immune cell or killer cells that kill the germs enter the body. Vitamin A present in cheese, sweet potato carrot.


These are family of vitamins (vitamin A, alpha-carotene, lycopene) it also produces killer cell which emits toxin and kills the harmful bacteria which makes ill. It presents in sweet potato, dark green vegetable, cabbage, mango, and bell pepper.


70%-80% of our immune system lives in our gut, so the bacteria a toddler consumes it comes with excellent outcomes and influences your child’s stomach. It presents in yogurt, kefir, and banana.


It keeps your toddler immune system active and influences your immune cell function. Zinc also helps to heal the wound and helps to grow body cells. The body does not store it, so it is essential to give your toddler in the diet. Zinc present in meat, cheese. Milk and bread.


A toddler requires five times more iron than an adult. It helps hemoglobin work better; hemoglobin is an iron bind protein that supplies oxygen to the entire body and supports the immune system. Iron present in meat, dates, and apricot.

Supplements Liquid Vitamin

These are available in the medical store and can give to the kids with the prescription or a pediatrician’s advice.

Immune system booster for toddler nutrients - write to aspire

Milestone of Immune System Booster for Toddler

The milestone for the immunity booster is BREASTFEEDING. When you give your infant this most precious gift during his/her first year, your toddler immune system will be strong enough to fight diseases. It can fight with diabetes, obesity, seasonal illness, and even auto-immune diseases throughout life. Breastfeeding also makes the brain intelligent and efficient, even during the COVID-19 pandemic WHO recommends breastfeeding with SOPs. It increases the immunity of toddlers and infants and supports the immune system to fight.

Recipe for Immune System Booster for Toddler

Here are some recipes I am sharing with you for toddlers.

  • You can give them vegetables in the form of soup, make chicken soup and include a vegetable in it and garlic, So kids love to have it and its fully fortified soup with vitamins and zinc.
  • Cook scrambled eggs with vegetables and feed your toddler.
  • Make a sandwich with your toddler’s favorite spread and add vegetables in it.
  • Give fruit juices to enhance flavor, add some tang in it.
  • Baked sweet potato is a very healthy diet for a toddler.
  • Dates shakes are very yummy and healthy too.
  • Have dry fruits with your toddler in the morning.

Immune system booster for toddler diet - write to aspire


A healthy lifestyle is key to develop a strong immunity for a toddler. Therefore w mothers need to have a balanced routine and diet for producing good mother feed. Like fruits and vegetables, proper sleeping timings, physical activities, cleanliness, and liquid vitamin supplements if suggested by the pediatrician.

Please let us know about your kids’ immunity issues and how you get over them? Also, tell us in the comment section below how much you liked this article and in future which issues you want me to address for your toddler’s better health?



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