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How to Improve Grammar in English? Tips For Fast Learning English!

Do You Want to Improve Grammar in English?  “How to Improve Grammar in English” …does it sounds familiar? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost every other student of English finds it confusing when it comes to English grammar. Needless to say that there are millions of sources available online to “improve Grammar in … Read more

Common American Idiomatic Expressions you Need to Know

common American idiomatic expressions-write to aspire

Learn How to Use Idiomatic Expressions in Your Writing Are you enthusiastic to learn common American idiomatic expressions? Remember, idioms are words or phrases that have hidden meanings and are not meant to be taken literally. Correct use of idioms magnifies the messages in a way that draws the readers in and arouse their senses. … Read more

Useful Idioms and Expressions About Family

family idioms-write to aspire

Learn How to Sound More Like a Native Speaker Are you interested in learning idiomatic expressions? Do you want to be fluent in English and learn idioms, including family idioms, color idioms, flower idioms, happy idioms, sweet idioms, funny idioms, and many more? If so, check out the English Idiom Club of “write to aspire.” … Read more

Add up Colors to your Writing by Using Color Idioms

color idioms-write to aspire

How to Improve your Writing by Using Idioms Before peeping into the street of color idioms, let’s try to learn what idioms are, how to improve your English by using idioms, and how can you embellish your writing by using different idioms especially color idioms. Idioms, as you know, are words or expressions different from … Read more

Idioms about Flowers and Plants

flower idioms-write to aspire

What are Idioms and Why to Use them in your Language? Have you ever come across the flower idioms and do you know how to use these idioms in your language? But before knowing it, you need to understand what idioms are and how to adorn your language with different kinds of flower idioms. An … Read more

Idiomatic Expressions Used to Express Happiness

idioms used to express happiness

Idioms are words, expressions, and phrases which we generally use in our conversation. Indeed, they make our language more vivid and colorful. Here are a few idioms used to express happiness. Happy as Larry When someone is as happy as Larry, he/she is, indeed, very happy. This idiom belongs to a boxer Larry Foley. In … Read more