Six Incredible Natural Bath Soak Recipes for Healthy Glowing Skin

Six Incredible Natural Bath Soak recipes- write to aspire

Bathing and Wellness 

Are you tired after a long working day? And want to do something magical to refresh and cleanse your body. Here we are talking about wellness baths that will completely rejuvenate your soul. Besides talking about benefits, we are also sharing DIY natural detox bath soak recipes for a perfect bathing experience.

relaxation bath - write to aspire

As we all know that bathing has become fun in this era of wellness. Despite thousands of bath soaks and salts available, we are more customized with our own lifestyle choices. Does it seem that social media has fueled us to go for personalized health care, even for bath soaks like which salts to use? Soaks should be fragrance-free or with lavender oil freshness. What types of candles will help in bathing meditation? Last but not least, how to find the best way of self-care?. Undoubtedly, it gives us an inner satisfaction if we win the competition of self-care. You must have heard that “No size fits all.” And Yes!! We all need personalized skin and body care.  

Thanks to social media that we are now aware of bathing regimen to thousands of strangers. Remember the Instagram photos and videos of people chillaxing in the bathtub? Not only these bathfluencers have made it easy for us to make a luxurious bath at our own home. But also, watching this all concludes that bathrooms are as important as bedrooms. Indeed, people like to invest in luxurious bathrooms to relax and have personalized self-care.

Why We Need DIY Natural Bath Soak Recipes?

But today, we are not talking about expensive bath salts and soaks. Instead, to have an extreme self-care, we should try DIY bath soaks. Natural as we call it, these bath soaks recipes are better than newfangled beauty products. Further, a personalized bath soak recipe will contain all essentials you need to have for your glowing skin, like salts and essential oil and detoxifying ingredients. So get ready to remove toxins from your body and balance your PH without expensive bath products. We are talking about a perfect, relaxing bath that will hydrate your skin, soothe your body, and leave you fresh and glowing. We will guide you about perfectly customized bath soaks and dips that will rejuvenize your soul and give you a stress-free life.

Main Comforts of Natural Bath soak 

Is this your first time to try DIYs for body bath? The plus point is no cooking, chilling, setting, and waiting. Just grab your favorite ingredients and throw in warm water, and here is your natural detox bath soak. Imagine yourself luxuriating with a deep relaxing natural bath soak that will soothe you in numerous ways. Let’s quickly make some best recipes for body relaxing bath soaks. But before that, lets’ see some of the comforts that natural bath soak can give us 🙂

1- Mood elevator

2- Help you with better sleep

3- Muscle pain relief

4- Detoxification of the body

5- Induce better blood and oxygen flow

6- Can relief symptom of cough and flu

7- Skin hydrates

8- Heals dry skin

Being a DIY freak, I love to experiment with certain herbs, salts, and oils. Like pains, muscle stiffness will go away if we use salts and warm water.

1- Epsom salt

Epsom salt is an excellent choice for natural bath soak recipes. Being rich in magnesium content, it is best for pain and swelling. Also, used widely to treat insomnia and constipation. As I have experienced, you can feel its reported benefits when you dip your body in it. It will absorb in the skin and start healing it. As a result, you will feel increased blood circulation and instant relief from pains.

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2-Coarse Bath Salt

Another best option for natural bath soak is coarse sea salt. These are very famous for healing and therapeutic properties as we do believe that minerals in salts are beneficial for our body. So, comforting yourself with this salt will relieve pain and stiffness. Besides improved circulation and best after tiring days., I hope it suits your skin and works best to soothe your body.

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3- Dead Sea Salt

The dead sea is the most loved salt in the cosmetic industry. The reason being its mineral content. It has 10 times more mineral content than any other salt. We believe that it works well after absorbing in your skin. The main minerals, like sodium, calcium, potassium, zinc, etc., work together to exfoliate, cleanse, and detoxify your skin.

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4- Baking Soda

It is well known for its multiple uses besides baking. For instance, it is incredibly effective against itchy skin disease and yeast infections. Moreover, it neutralizes water to achieve a healthy mineral balance.

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5- Essential Oils

Essential oils are plant extract extracted through the process of distillation to maintain the flavor and aroma. They are then combined with carrier oils and used for various medicinal and other purposes.

  • Lavender Essential Oil

It is best for anxiety, depression, nausea, eczema, fungal infections, and treating menstrual cramps.

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  • Chamomile Essential Oil

It can heal wounds and best for skin rashes. Besides, it is also well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. You can get relief from back pain and arthritis by using this essential oil. Moreover, it can help in promoting sleep.

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  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

It is an essential ingredient of lotions, perfumes, soaps, and food flavoring. Besides, it is useful against asthma, malaria, and reduces blood pressure. Furthermore, It has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties too.

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  • Lemon Essential Oil

It is antiseptic and anti-microbial. With its detoxifying properties, it also contributes to supporting the immune system.

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  • Sweet Orange Essential oil

I like to use this essential oil in my DIYs due to its stress-relieving properties. Besides being a mood booster, it is also suitable for pleasant aromas in beauty and household cleaning products. You will love its scent during the bath. Moreover, it can help to reduce inflammation and acne problems.

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  • Eucalyptus essential oil

It is famous for relieving joints pain. That makes it a favorable natural bath soak ingredient. But it is intensely flavored, and overdose may irritate.

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  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Homemade bath soak recipes are not complete without peppermint oil. It is effective against nausea, headache, muscle pain, and itching.

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  • Dry Rose Petals

Sweet-smelling dry rose petals are best for romantic baths. They are not only rich in antioxidants but also keep your skin radiant. An additional benefit is they comfort the irritated skin. Moreover, also keep the skin cells hydrated by capturing moisture in it.

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DIY Natural Detox Bath Recipes

Before making your DIY natural detox bath soak, think of your body problems and make a list of them. For me, it’s a pain, sore muscles, headache, sleeplessness, dry and irritated skin in fall and winter. Now gather all ingredients that suit your skin and body. Be aware of your allergies, and don’t add those ingredients that affect your skin. Remember, your goal is to nourish your body from head to toe. For this purpose, use the best ingredients that restore your energies and work magically on your body.

I prefer making 5 recipes and use them from time to time for a change and a new feeling every time I use one DIY natural detox bath soak.

1- Recipe of Natural Detox Bath Soak with Epsom Salt and Baking Soda

bath recipe with epsom salt and baking soda- write to aspire


Epsom salt – 1 cup

baking soda – ½ cup

Coconut oil- 2 tbsp

lavender essential oil- 4 drops

Prepare this soothing and relaxing bath with hot water. First, add soda, salt, and then add oil. Stay in the tub for 30 minutes and lay off all your tension, stresses, and worries in the water. This bath will allow you to absorb minerals from Epsom salt, which will consequently detoxify your body. Besides, it will stimulate your body to adjust PH, improve blood circulation, and lower blood pressure. After taking a bath, massage your skin with light skin oil and have a deep sleep.

2- Recipe of Natural Anti-allergy Detox Bath Soak

anti allergy natural bath soak recipe- write to aspire

This unique anti-allergy bath is for your skin allergies, itching, and fungal or yeast infection. But make sure to use only those ingredients which suit your skin. This is a general detox bath recipe suitable for skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema to reduce swelling and irritation. We will use Himalayan salt in this recipe, which is high in magnesium content. Hence, magnesium is significant to keep the heart and nervous system in a balanced condition. Therefore, it will make you calm and relaxed after using this natural detox bath soak recipe.


Himalayan salt- 1 cup

lavender essential oil – 5 drops

Peppermint essential oil- 2 drops

Lemon essential oil- 2 drops

No doubt, Himalayan salt is a champion in its healing properties. Besides reducing pain and swelling, it balances our PH value to cleanse the skin from toxins. If we see its chemical composition, it is a treasure of 84 minerals and 18 essential oils to give you complete earthy mother care. Prepare a hot to warm water bath and add the above ingredients. Immerse yourself in with meditation to get healing and wellness. Indeed, this soak with relive the allergies, and you can take a deep sleep afterward. 

3- Ginger Detox Bath for Cold Symptoms and Body Pain

Ginger natural bath soak for detox - write to aspire


Epsom salt – 1 cup

Baking Soda – ½ cup

Freshly grated ginger- 2-3 tbsp

Eucalyptus essential oil – 10 drops

Prepare hot water bath and add in grated ginger and Epsom salt. Then submerge yourself in when the water temperature is bearable for you. Stay in for 30 minutes maximum. The ginger will work magically to detoxify your body. Consequently, it will let you sweat profoundly. That will release toxins from the body. At the same time, it will give relief to cold symptoms and let you feel relaxed.

4- Oatmeal and Honey Detox Bath Recipe

Oatmeal and honey natural bath soak recipe - write to aspire


Ground oatmeal – 1 cup

Epsom salt – ½ cup

Honey- 4 tbsp

Lavender essential oil- 6-8 drops

This bath soak is useful for various skin conditions like eczema, hives, and rashes. Moreover, it will let you get rid of skin dryness and itching. Either use it blended, or in coarse form, it is suitable for all mentioned problems. If you use a nonblended version, put in an old sock and let it stay in hot water until you are ready to take a bath. Prepare this bath and dip your body in it. Indeed, it has a soothing and relaxing effect. Especially good for kids, people with sensitive skin, and with skin diseases.

5- Luxurious Natural Detox Bath Soak Recipe 

Luxurious natural detox bath recipe- write to aspire


Dead sea salt – 1 cup

Ylang-ylang essential oil – 10 drops

Sweet Orange essential oil – 5 drops

Coconut oil – 2 tbsp

Dried rose petals- 2 tbsp

First, this bath will deeply cleanse your body due to the unique mineral found in dead sea salt. It will not only detoxify your skin, but also you will notice a significant improvement in skin condition. For your information, it has 21 beneficial minerals in it. But make sure that you use it for bath only. It is not food grade salt.

So, prepare this luxurious hot water bath with all ingredients. Stay in for more than 30 minutes and leave the tub with beautiful, glowing, and refreshing skin. It Is OK to take deep sleep after this bathing therapy to pamper your body further.

6- Natural Bath Soak for Sore Muscle 

Natural Bath Soak for sore muscle write to aspire


Coarse sea salt – 1 cup

Baking soda- ½ cup

Chamomile essential oil – 10 drops

Rosemary essential oil – 10 drops

Prepare this bath with hot water and then submerge your body in it for 30 minutes. Salt and soda will take away the muscle soreness and stiffness. The rest of the magic will do the essential oils. Like chamomile will help in pain relief and conditions like arthritis. Similarly, rosemary oil will increase blood circulation as well as relieving the pain. It may also help to reduce joints inflammation.


I like to use all of the above ingredients in my bath soaks and found them effective. But you must know about your allergies and other skin conditions before trying these recipes. Please consult your doctor if you have any special skin condition.

I hope that you like these body relaxing bath soaks for soothing and relaxing your body. Besides, these all-natural bath soak recipes could be a great addition to your self-care. Indeed, it will help you to prepare a luxurious bath at home with your desired ingredients. For instance, a natural cold remedy bath soak is best for cold symptoms. Similarly, body relaxing bath soaks are useful for relieving tension and stress from your body. In the same way, muscle soreness and stiffness bath recipe will relieve your pain and stretch.

Also, I will keep writing more DIY recipes for body and skincare. Please comment below about this post and share your personalized experience with these recipes. I hope everyone follows these recipes to have a soothing bath experience. This post is equally good for men and women. Also, I recommend men to follow the best skincare routine for men after bathing. Besides, we have also listed 10 royal tips for men to get glowing skin to promote males’ skincare. Finally, we have also jotted down a  list of the best bath salts and soaks with price, benefits and side effects, and precautions to use.

After all, we care for you 🙂


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