SEO Backlinks | Types | Create Effective Backlinks

SEO Backlinks

SEO Backlinks | Types | Create Effective Backlinks

If you are familiar with SEO then Backlinks should also sound a known term to you. If not, don’t worry! Because we are here to give you a detailed concept of SEO backlinks in 2020, types, and ways to create effective backlinks.

Let’s get started with the basic terminologies.

Link building:

Link building is the most reliable way to grow your website ranking in 2020. A link is a hyperlink that gives navigation facility from one article to another article and from one website to another website. This hyperlink from the perspective of destination site is a backlink. As backlinks are most important in website ranking so we called it SEO backlinks. Specifically, it conveys the importance of backlinks in search engine optimizations techniques. 

seo backlink - write to aspire
An example of seo backlinking

Although Google has updated its algorithm for 2020, yet SEO backlinking is still among the top-ranking parameters. Certainly, an SEO backlink from one site to another site serves as a vote of confidence from the source site to the destination site and establishes the site’s content’s reliability. Hence, it increases the traffic and search engine ranking of your website. There are various ways of developing links. Some are easy, and others are complex. In this article, you will learn its importance, types, and ways of creating SEO  backlinks.

What exactly is the term “SEO backlinks”?

site ranking and backlinksSEO Backlinking is a process to create a link of your website to an external website and that link is known as Backlink. 

Now the question is, how it increases the domain authority and website traffic?

Let me explain it to you!

Firstly, we search for websites with high domain authority. Secondly, we contrive to create SEO backlinks with them. Let’s say our site A has backlink with site B. It means site B has given a vote of confidence to site A. In this way, it passes a portion of its domain authority to site B. As a result, both search engines and humans do follow the link and reach to site B. If the content is relevant then your website traffic and ranking both will increase. 

SEO backlinking is the second most crucial factor in search engine ranking in 2020. In this view, we will discuss it’s importance, types of links, and how to create powerful backlinks. 

Importance of Backlinking:

Who doesn’t want to be ranked on the top of Google? Not only on google but also Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines? Indeed, generating SEO backlinks is all about search engine ranking and earning high domain authority. Let us see how link building helps us to grow and promote our website or blog?

1- High page authority:

Google changes its algorithm from time to time. But the value of page rank remains essential always. It should be noted that a page rank’s best parameter is its linking to different sites. Thus a page with multiple backlinks has higher page authority than the page with low or no backlinks. Therefore, the more the linking, the better the google ranking!

Link juice example 2- Vote of recommendation  

 The backlinks of a page demonstrate the trust and authority of a web page. Undoubtedly, backlinks  is a kind of vote of the recommendation of a page by other pages of another website.

3- Link juice 

Link juice is used in SEO when a backlink passes equity from one site to another site. In this case, high page authority pages will pass link juice to low page authority pages. Furthermore, you must create internal links within pages to distribute link juice on your website. Particularly, by following this step you can share the link juice to overall increase domain authority of the website. Otherwise, only one page with a SEO backlink will get equity. So it is now clear that inbound links are necessary as well as backlinks. In this regard, the following points are important to know about link juice. 

1- You can get link juice if the content is relevant in the source and destination sites

2- Link juice can only flow from high domain authority websites

3- Only do-follow link pass the link juice

4- Pages with few outbound link can share high-quality Juice

5- High traffic pages can give high-quality link juice

6- Only relevant information links can give link juice

4- Strong networking

SEO backlinks are essential for your business networking. It shows your website connectivity with the relevant websites offering the same product or service. As a result, you get more traffic, customers, and increase sales.

seo backlinks network5- Branding

Backlinking techniques are very helpful in business branding. For example the profile backlinking is very common and effective technique. Profile backlinking means connecting to customers through social media profiles. Companies use social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, you tube, Pinterest for their brand promotion. Every new product and information is advertised through catchy infographics. These profiles not only earn reputation and recognition for businesses but also tons of traffic and sale are added benefits. It is important to choose specific topics which are catchy and informative for your customers. undoubtedly every blogger likes to connect with high-quality infographics, research-based articles related to their niche and tools, etc. Hence these infographics will not only be our assets but also let us to connect with high domain authority websites.

6- Edge over competitors

You can rank above your competitor if you get tactics to develop high-quality SEO backlinks.

Types of Backlinks:

There are mainly two types of links: do-follow and no-follow links.

No follow and do follow link- seo backlinks 2020
No follow and do follow link

 No-follow link:

As the name suggests, a link with no follow attribute commands search engines not to follow the link. 

No follow link
An example of No follow link

Advantages of No-follow link:

1- Increase website traffic:

 It is a fact that the search engine pays no attention to the no-follow link and considers it a regular text. But humans can see it and traffic passes to your website page. If the reader finds it relevant, then the click-through rate (CTR) increases. Google ranking also takes into account the click-through rate and website traffic for SEO ranking.

2- Increased brand awareness:

No, follow links are beneficial for your branding. No, follow link allows businesses to promote brand name by mentioning the business name in the link’s anchor text. 

3- Helpful for incentive-based marketing:

No, follow link is beneficial for the placement of paid content on your website. The paid content can comment, paid reviews, paid ads, or any incentive-based marketing links. In this regard, Google has clear instructions for bloggers to give no-follow links attributes to incentive-based reviews and comments.

4- Business listing in directories:

No follow link helps in the business listing without the fear of Google penalization. Because Google does not allow us to use black hat strategies to improve search engine ranking. Thus the business is listed with the proper citation in different directories, and humans can see, click and review your website. With this in mind, we can give no-follow SEO backlinks for our business promotion.

Do-follow link:

Do follow link - SEO backlinks 2020
An example of do follow link

Do follow link is the link attribute that allows search engines to crawl through the websites through these links. As a rule, they register, index, and rank sites through these do-follow links. In this way, it directly improves website ranking on the search engines. Admittedly, it affects the page authority and domain authority of your website. 

Advantages of Do-follow link:

1- Direct effect of PA and DA:

Do follow link passes the link juice from source to the destination site. Indeed, it gives a well-reputed link and vote of confidence to your page from another website. For this reason, it is essential to provide keyword in the anchor text of your link. In this way, the keywords mark the business presence and give a natural flow of reading to the viewer.

2- Valuable traffic 

Do follow link gives valuable traffic to your website. But firstly, make sure to optimize the backlink with the proper keyword in the anchor text. Secondly, the referring page contains relevant and useful information for the reader. Without a doubt, you can redirect valuable and relevant web traffic to your site by following the above key points.

 The ratio of no follow to do follow:

According to Alexa rank, the most successful sites have a ratio of 25/75 of no follow to do follow backlinking. So it is true that do follow should be more for better ranking. 

 Develop an effective SEO backlinking strategy: 

Remember the content is your key success point. Therefore you must develop worthy,  in-demand, marketable content for your website. Be sure to check the latest industry trends. Have you noticed that infographics and video animation grab more attention than written content? Yes, changing trends help us rebuilt our content strategy. Do you know many websites develop backlinks with the help of info graphic.? Let’s learn to make quality SEO backlinks strategies! 

 How can you create SEO backlinks?

It is essential to create SEO backlinks for your website for google ranking. For this purpose, several link-building techniques vary from simple to complex, and all of the strategies are highly effective. Now, if you are a newbie to blogging, you can choose from simple to sophisticated techniques depending on your niche. When we talk about backlinking, we are discussing backlinking with a high authority website to improve the domain authority. 

Let see how you can beat your competitors!

 1-   Profile backlinking: 

Social profile backlinking

It is effective strategy for backlinking which can be used for natural backlinking. The profile backlinks are usually no follow links. It gives a name and recognition to your business. Since, its’s not a good practice to target all backlinks for google only, some natural backlinks are also good for our website health. You can make follow the following steps to do profile backlinking.

1- Create profiles on different high authority sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, medium Tumbler, Yola, Pinterest etc. 

2- Use these profiles to share your links. 

3- Write at least 100 -150 words description and use your main keywords in the anchor text of links. Link must be in natural flow and relevant to the content of source and destination pages.  

4- Also, share your post on other social media profiles. 

In this way, you can create a simple backlink for your page. It will be a no-followed link by default. 

 2- Social shares:

Create profiles on social media and promote your links in different groups through comments. To do this, join social media platforms and contribute to group discussions. Talk about your niche and how your blog is useful due to the problem-solving approach. 

These are examples of simple backlinking techniques that are helpful for social presence in the long term. 

3- Competitors backlinks

It is one of the best strategies to look for competitor backlinks. As we can freely access various backlink checker tools like MOZ’s backlink checker tool named as link explorer.

Moz link explorer for competitor backlinksHere, it gives you access to competitor data. Now with the help of this data, you got a direction for you. Hence, you must make a plan to get backlinks from these sites to rank higher than your competitor.

4- Link round-ups

It is a very effective strategy of link building. Consider that your blog is about marketing tactics. 

1- Check out the high-quality blog posts of industry experts. 

2- Prepare a topic that is directly and closely related to their article. 

3- Select only those experts who are willing to post your blog link on your profile. 

4- Prepare a survey that is short and to the point.

5- Send them a survey through email. 

6- Choose around 15 experts

7- Summarize and publish a post on your blog. 

When you publish a post, the other expert will also share your post link on their blog. In this way, you can earn many strong backlinks from your industry’s top bloggers. You will not only get good traffic flow but also link juice will increase the page authority and domain authority. Many websites initiate these link round-up on a weekly and monthly basis. After some initial research, you can get an idea and make a strategy for your blog to get backlinks. 

5- Use broken links to create backlinks:

Broken backlinks Broken link strategy can produce thousands of strong backlinks for your sites with few infographics. Try to adopt this strategy to get fast and reliable backlinking for your website. Firstly, you have to search for the broken links of your niche. It can be content, infographics, or a video. Secondly, when you found a broken link or a dead link, check out the number of sites referring to this infographics. After that, create high-quality content that is relevant and up to the mark. Then email all the sites owner and ask them to replace the broken link with your quality content. It was helpful for Ahref and Neil Patel. It can be beneficial for everyone who wants to create backlinks.

6- Develop infographics to create SEO backlinks 

Choose a specific keyword related to your niche. Check out the latest and top articles. Develop a detailed infographic to cover all topics in one infographic. Contact and ask bloggers to link to your infographic. It is a win-win situation for both parties. This technique also lets you earn good strong backlinks. 

 Important points to remember about SEO Backlinks:

1- All backlinks are not relevant. Nearly 84% of all links to a web page are of no value 

2- The only links that matter is a high-quality prominent link that reader click. A link in the first paragraph of a website catches more attention. In comparison, a link hidden in the middle or end paragraph is of the least value.

3- Redirecting will be an obstacle for your reader. Try pointing directly to the useful information rather than redirect.

4- Google crawlers analyze the number of links and the quality of backlinks. 

5- Follow Goole policies and regulations for creating backlinks 

6- A single high-quality link is better than 1000 low-quality backlinks.

7- It is better to develop unique10 backlinks from 10 websites than to develop 1000 links from a single site.

8- It is natural for a website to have a mix of both do follow and no follow link.


The following tools are helpful to get check backlinks and create backlinks. They have options for both free and paid services. 

1- Backlink analyzer tool

2- SEMRush.

3- Ubber suggest

4- Ahref, open site explorer

5- MOZ pro

6- Open Link profiler

7- Alexa rank competitor backlink checker


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