Onion Oil For Hair | Benefits | Prepare At Home

Onion oil for hair growth
Onion Oil for Hair Growth

Onion Oil is usually highly recommended for hair loss, hair growth, increasing the hair volume, and for sorting out the grey hair problem. Ever wondered why onion oil is so important? Or are you considering this oil to be a part of your daily care routine? 

Then read the article to grab essential information about the onion oil, how can you easily prepare it at your home within 20 minutes, the procedure to apply, and many more! 🙂 

Onion Chemistry

Onion contains dietary Sulfur which is a nutritional element that our body demands. Proteins, as we all know, are important for our overall body health. Likewise, they are necessary for hair growth too. The hair protein is Kretanin which is Sulfur-rich. Now the Sulfur of Onion will prove to be an additional Sulfur source for hair leading them to become healthier, longer, and stronger. 🙂

 Benefits of Onion Oil

Did you know?
Onion Oil not only helps with hair growth but also helps to improve your skin and overall health of the body. 

Below are it’s few benefits:

Onion Oil For Healthier Skin and Body

  • It works as a natural exfoliator and also helps in reducing pigmentation.
  • Helps in nourishing your skin and in treating acne.
  • Improve the health of your eyes, bones, and heart as well.
  • Moreover, it also helps in increasing digestion.

Onion Oil For Hair Growth

  • Provides hair with extra sulfur to keep the hair stronger.
  • Increases volume by fighting dandruff.
  • Increases growth within a few days.
  • Reduces the dullness of hair and prevents their breakage.
  • Last but not least reduces the greyness of hair.

Enough with learning about the benefits, I suppose. 😉

Now let’s move on to the procedure.

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Accurate Procedure of Preparation

Most of the time people prefer to use the method which reduces the unbearable onion smell to the minimum level to avoid any unpleasant moment. For this purpose, we have chosen a method where we will mix the onion with essential oils which are easily available in almost every house.

Usage of Garlic in Onion Oil for hair growth
Benefits of Onion Oil and garlic for hair growth


  • 1 Medium Sized Onion
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 3/4th Mustard Oil which is about 6 ounces
  • 3/4th Coconut Oil which is about 6 ounces (Solid form is preferred)


  • First, chop the onions and garlic cloves. You can add little bit of ginger as well. However, it’s optional.
  • Then turn on the stove, keep it on very low flame. Pour the Mustard oil and add the chopped onion and garlic.
  • After that, wait till the stuff gets brownish color. DO NOT BURN IT.
  • After it’s done, turn off the flame.
  • Now add the coconut oil to hot mustard oil. Because we do not want to disrupt the properties of coconut oil by frying it on the flame, that’s why we will add it after the flame is turned off.
  • Once the coconut oil is mixed fully, now you can strain the oil.
  • Keep it in a glass jar or bottle since glass has antibacterial properties.

Your Onion Oil is ready for use. You can keep it for about 2 weeks. After that, prepare a new one. 

How to use Onion Oil

Use it at least three times a week. Gently massage into the roots, your scalp, and all the way to the split-ends of your hair. Keep it on for about 3-4 hours or apply it at night and wash with a good shampoo in the morning. 

Do’s and Dont’s

  • If you are allergic to onions or garlic then DO NOT use this oil.
  • If your scalp is sensitive and garlic can lead to severe irritation then AVOID USING GARLIC, just go with onion. It will also have the same benefits.
  • Onion oil reduces the loss of hair but DO NOT misunderstand it as a cure for natural baldness or alopecia. For this condition, Hair Transplant is the only choice most of the time.
The Bottom Line

Onion oil is highly recommended for all your hair problems. It is safe, easy to prepare, easy to use, and totally affordable. I personally have tried this oil from the very same method that I have narrated and I am very satisfied with the condition of my hair now. So you can definitely try this oil and do let us know the results 🙂



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