Mindfulness Meditation an Overview and Benefits

Mindfulness Meditation- write to aspire

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is getting famous due to its fantastic health benefits. The latest research data shows that it can relieve stress, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of chronic heart disease, improve sleep, and improve brain activity. Due to its notable benefits, companies like Google has started mindful training programs for its employee. What do you think about a mindful training program? How sitting in Budha’s posture and focusing on breathing can help in better performance at work? Let’s find out together!

Before diving into the benefits of mindful meditation, firstly, we need to know what mindfulness is? How is it linked with mediation?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Meditation- write to aspire

Mindfulness is self-awakening and awareness. Mindfulness is being attentive to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and environment without judging them. To elaborate further, we can say that it is living in the present moment rather than dwelling in the past or future. But it is not limited to living; instead, mindfulness manifests soulful living. 

What is Meditation?

Meditation is an activity to train the brain to start focusing and stop wandering. Through this process, you can observe your thoughts and feelings without judging them. Meditation is a tool to achieve a mindful state of mind. 

Do you know why we need to have the training of mindfulness meditation?

What will happen if we are mindful of our surroundings and current situation? 


mindlessness- write to aspire

Before descending further into mindfulness, you must also know about mindlessness. It is not ignorance; instead, it is an oblivious state of mind. Our brain consciously observes new things in our surroundings. Likewise, we are mindless when we face a similar situation again. For instance, cooking a new dish will trigger your brain to be mindful. But regular meals will not create that spark in mind. You can mindlessly do that. Sometimes we want to look beyond our current reality and imagine attractive future opportunities. But that won’t work until we take physical steps to change our lives. 

In addition to this, if you let your brain wander, it can hang out in the past or future. As a result, you will miss many valuable present moments of your life. Your less attention to the current situation may also lead to many issues in your life and relationship. The most disturbing problem is fights and misunderstandings among the family members and peers. It might come with harmful consequences in the long run.

How Mindfulness Meditation affects Brain Cells?

Mindful meditation is training your attention to engage with the present moment fully. In this regard, it is essential to mention the result of Dr. Creswell’s experimental study. One group received a mindful meditation experiment, and the other group was focused on happiness and paying no attention to the problem. The pre and post-brain scans showed that the group that received mindful training had experienced more communication at the brain portion of the stress response. Four months later, this same mediating group was tested and found a low level of inflammation. The results show that mindful mediation helps the brain focus on stress response and reduce the anxiety level. 

Mindful Meditation - write to aspire

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is understanding yourself and being your teacher. Gently observe your thoughts and ideas wandering in your mind. Through practice, you can calm yourself and relieve stress.

Let’s see some of the benefits of Mindfulness meditation:

1- It relaxes your mind and body

2- Lowers blood pressure

3- Improve body pains

4- Improve sleep 

5- Improve digestion

6- Feeling connected with the present moment

7- Improve performance at work 

8- Better relationships

9- Memory

10- Self-regulation

11- Focused attention

12- Stay calm

13- Gratitude

14- Openness

15- Less judgment 

16- Regulates moods

17- Improve emotional intelligence 

18- Empathy 

19- Self-awareness

20- motivation

The tremendous benefit is to deal with chronic illnesses like cancers and make the treatment phase manageable. Mindfulness teaches the body not to judge and not to overreact. It creates an acceptance in you to be fully attentive in the present moment and be part of what’s happening in your surroundings. 

Mindfulness Meditation at the Workplace

A mindful mediation helps maintain stress levels, but it is also beneficial to increase employee performance. As mentioned earlier, Google and other companies like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Target, Intel, and General Mills provide mindful courses to their employees. Undoubtedly, it is remarkable to contribute to the employee’s wellbeing. But in addition to wellbeing, it is also bringing positive results of employee’s performance. Mindful employee performs better in the workplace.

According to research, 75% of people get mental issues before the age of 25. It is a guideline for us to intervene in young brains and train them to be happily mindful. For this purpose, kids’ and teens’ mindfulness training is necessary. Also, we have listed some activities for teaching mindfulness to your kids and teens. The mindful activities for teens and kids are helpful for their lifetime. These activities make them alert, active, lively, and spirited. In the long run, they become positive human beings. You can also

I hope you understood the difference between mindfulness, mindlessness, and meditation. I will keep writing about how to do mindful meditation individually and in groups. Also, your feedback is necessary to keep me going. Please comment below about your mindful or mindless experiences and what made you learn about mindful meditation. 

I hope you read this article being mindful 😛



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