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Amla organic shampoo for all hair types- write to Aspire

Why Amla Organic Shampoo?

The reason why I started using organic amla shampoo is not a big secret. It’s too obvious that commercial shampoo and conditioners are always a hard question for people with hair problems. As for myself, I am very choosy when it comes to selecting shampoos because literally not any commercial shampoo suits my hair type.

Damage Caused Due To Commercial Shampoo

As we all know that synthetic shampoos contain many toxic chemical ingredients that we must avoid. Despite knowing this, I still caused much damage to my hair by using these. Then, I came to know about a few amazing DIY Amla shampoo and hair oil recipes that can easily be prepared at home. And to my surprise, both the oil and amla organic shampoo worked like a miracle on my dry and short hair. In addition to these, I also followed some hair care tips on daily basis which are mentioned in the end.

So tell me,

Do you have hair problems and you are determined to have a nicer hair look?
Then read this article to find an organic shampoo for all hair types.

DIY Organic Shampoo For All Hair Types


  1. Emblic or commonly known as Amla  250g

Amla- write to aspire

2. Sapindus mukorrossi, or commonly known as Reetha 250 g

Reetha shampoo made with amla and shikakai for all hair types


3. Soap-pod or commonly known as Shikakaai 250 g

Shikakaai- write to aspire

4. Baby Shampoo (of any brand) 1 small/ medium-sized bottle


  1. First of all take Amla, Reetha, and Shikakai in equal quantity and soak in water. It is better to keep these soaked overnight.
  2. Then take a steel pan and pour in some water and add the soaked ingredients in water.
  3. After that, turn on the flame to boil water.

    Make sure the flame should be low while you are cooking.

  4. Now, let the water boil along with the ingredients and allow the water to become viscous.
  5. Once the ingredients are nicely mixed and water has turned thicker and viscous, turn off the flame and strain it well.
  6. Now add the baby shampoo in the mixture. You can also add the shampoo while the flame is on however I prefer to add it after turning off the flame since its really not necessary to cook the shampoo. We only want to mix it well with the viscous mixture.
  7. After the shampoo and ingredients are fully mixed, your DIY organic shampoo is all set to use.

With this quantity of ingredients, this shampoo fills in about a liter bottle.

amla organic shampoo -write to aspire


Method To Use Amla Shampoo 

  • After applying good hair oil, massage for about 10-15 minutes. Massage elevates the circulation of blood making your hair stronger and healthier.
  • Then wash your hair with this organic amla shampoo after about 3 hours. Take out the required amount and make a good lather of it then gently apply it on the roots and gradually move down towards the end.

Make sure to use freshwater for washing your hair.
Too warm water disrupts hair-proteins and leaves them dry and dull.


Despite using good hair oil and shampoo, you must also carry out your daily hair care routine. Here are some very basic tips about how can you manage your hair by giving only 10 minutes daily!

Daily Hair Care Routine

Comb hairs regularly

  • Firstly, comb your hair REGULARLY. At least 3 times a day if your hair are too thin and weak. Because combing helps in the blood circulation of the scalp which in turn makes the hair stronger and shiner.

Wooden Comb

wooden comb- write to aspire

  • Secondly, prefer using a wooden comb. Remember that experiment we used to perform in schools? When we rubbed the plastic comb over our hair and then take it near the paper, a charge created which attracted the pages towards the comb. 😛
  • On the other hand, a wooden comb is made of wood (obviously) 😉 Wood, we all know is a good insulator. Having said that, no charge is created while combing with wood, it feels smoother on the scalp, and hair fall is comparatively less. 🙂

Comb from roots to end

comb hair- write to aspire


If your hair has lesser volume then try to comb by flipping all your hair in front of you. Then start combing with a wooden comb from roots to the end of the hair.

Massage with hair oil

  • Lastly, Massage. Massage. Massage. Massage is VERY important for blood circulation. Whenever you comb your hair, spare about at least 7-10 minutes (or more) for gently massaging your hair. Try to cover the whole area of the scalp with your fingertips while keeping low to medium pressure.

Massage relaxes the mind and increases circulation. This means it acts as a stress reducer. While you can massage several times a day but thrice a week try to use hair oil and massage throughout your scalp. This works to relax tight muscels in the temple and neck region.


We understand that your routine is too hectic to have time for your own self but trust us, only 15 minutes a day can do a miracle for your overall hair health. For once, try implementing this routine for about two months and you will feel the change.

Don’t forget to let us know! 🙂


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