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Jade Mountain Resort St. Lucia


Saint Lucia (St. Lucia), an island-based country, lies in the Eastern Caribbean Sea in West Indies. It borders with the Atlantic Oceans which enhances the natural scenic beauty as well as creates a serene atmosphere overall. One of the architectural masterpieces of St. Lucia’s scenic beauty is Jade Mountain Resort which borders the South Western Caribbean coastline.


Jade mountain resort St. Lucia/ writetoaspire
Jade mountain resort St. Lucia



The resort is built by Architect Nick Troubetzkoy who has added a lot of his intellect and creativity in the resort’s design.

Jade mountain resort St. Lucia architecture/ writetoaspire
Jade mountain resort St. Lucia Architecture
  • First, the individual bridges leading to infinity pools give you a VIP treatment.
Jade mountain resort St. Lucia infinity pools/ writetoaspire
Infinity Pool
  • Second, the grand living space consists of spacious bedrooms and living rooms. And each room comprises a private pool taking you straight into nature’s lap.
Jade mountain resort St. Lucia infdependent pools/ writetoaspire
Independent pools
  • Third, in the space above the Jade Mountain, lies a Celestial Terrace which presents an excellent view of sunrise and sunset. Also, you can have a late-night conversation while gazing at the amazing sky 😉
Jade mountain resort St. Lucia terrace view/ writetoaspire
Terrace view


Jade Mountain St. Lucia offers so many adventures and activities for its tourists which makes it one of the best tourist destinations. Some of these are:

  1. Two soft Sand Beaches

    Jade mountain resort St. Lucia beaches/ writetoaspire
    Sand Beach
  2. Secondly, it offers Scuba Diving and at Scuba St. Lucia Padi 5 Star Resort with a full diving program.

    Jade mountain resort St. Lucia scubadiving/ writetoaspire
    Scuba diving program
  3. Thirdly, Bike St. Lucia Jungle Biking Center provides Bike Riding Adventure with 50 top mountain bikes.

    Jade mountain resort St. Lucia bike riding/writetoaspire
    Bike riding
  4. Fourthly, Water-sports include sunfish sailing and windsurfing. Also, they offer sports like Tennis.

    Jade mountain resort St. Lucia water-sports/ writetoaspire
  5. Fifthly, they offer you to have a lifetime experience of witnessing the sunset on the resort yacht and Jazzy Sunset Cruise. Moreover, daily escorted walks are also offered to enjoy the mesmerizing view with full protocol. Also, you can enjoy the hiking adventure in the mountains 😉
  6. Furthermore, the Cybex Fitness Studio, Emeralds Organic farm, and the Yoga and Fitness Center add a plus point to make this place a must-to-visit once in your lifetime.
    Jade mountain resort St. Lucia fitness center/writetoaspire
    Fitness center

In short, by providing these services, the management makes sure to have a complete package for their tourists.

So tell us, have you ever visited this place?
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