Learn Useful Idioms About Mother

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Useful Idioms about Mother

Let’s learn some useful idioms about mother which can help you to use them not only in your conversation but also in your script.

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List of Idioms about Mother

Like mother, like daughter

A tiger mother

A face only a mother could love

Mother nature

A mama’s boy

To keep mum


Expectant mother

Mother craft

A mother hen


At your mother’s knee

Be tied to your mother’s apron strings

The mother of all

Necessity is the mother of invention

Look a bit black over Bill’s mother’s

Idioms about Mother with Meanings and Examples

1. Like mother, like daughter

Meaning: A daughter who has similar talents, looks or personality traits as her mother

Example: My mother is crazy about ice-cream. Every time, when my father seems me eating ice-cream, he says, “like mother, like daughter.”

2. A tiger mother

Meaning: A strict demanding mother

Example: My tiger mother always fulfilled my needs as mother and father.

3. A face only a mother could love

Meaning: an unattractive face

Example: He’s a very bright student but he has a face only a mother could love.

4. Mother nature

Meaning: The force that controls the natural world

Example: The people who have experienced a hurricane can better explain the power of mother nature.

5. A mama’s boy

Meaning: A man or boy who depends too much on his mother

Example: He’s a mama’s boy that whenever he faces any problem, he runs towards his mother.

6. To keep mum

Meaning: To not reveal a secret

Example: I asked my friend to keep mum about where we are.

7. Everyone-and-their-mother

Meaning: A large number of people

Example: I’m so nervous, everyone-and-their-mother is coming to my birthday party.

8. Expectant Mother

Meaning: A pregnant woman

Example: In case of smoking by an expectant mother may increase the chances of brain damage in her baby.

9. Mothercraft

Meaning: Skills required for the care of children

Example: Mr. and Mrs. Robertson together established the American mothercraft society.

10. A mother hen

Meaning: A person who assumes an overly protective maternal attitude

Example: Our aunt always watched us like a mother hen.

11. Motherhouse

Meaning: The principal house in a religious order

Example: The women were busy writing the annual report to the order’s motherhouse.

12. At your mother’s knee

Meaning: something you learned when you were a child

Example: Sara learned to sew at her mother’s knee.

13. Be tied to your mother’s apron strings

Meaning: To be controlled by your mother

Example: At 35 years old, Jackson is still tied to his mother’s apron strings.

14. The mother of all

Meaning: A large collection of a particular type of thing

Example: Yesternight I got stuck in the mother of all traffic jams.

15. Necessity is the mother of invention

Meaning: Things are found or created when there is a strong need for them

Example: When the fan belt on Sara’s car broke at a deserted place, she used her stockings as a replacement. Necessity is the mother of invention.

16. Look a bit black over Bill’s mother’s

Meaning: To look likely to rain, as due to a dark and cloudy sky

Example: Please bring an umbrella with you as it’s looking a bit black over Bill’s mother’s.



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