Idioms about Money with Meanings and Examples

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Idioms About Money

Idioms surely make up the English language a little bit difficult for the leaners of English as a second language. Secondly, the non-native speakers often find it difficult to understand idioms or idiomatic expressions. However, Write to Aspire has tried its level best to help you learn idioms without any difficulty but easily.

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Undoubtedly, in our quotidian life, we often talk about money since it’s an integral part of our lives whether we realize it or not.

As we know, different languages have different phrases and idiomatic expressions about money. So, if you’re looking for idioms about money, here is a long list waiting for you to get benefit from it and use them in your conversation like a native English speaker. Today we’ll talk about money idioms with a great infographic.

Let’s have a look on 32 money Idioms to talk about cash

1.As phony as a three-dollar bill

Meaning: completely fake, not genuine or bogus

Example: The boy said he was selling Rolexes but it was as phony as a three-dollar bill.

2. As sound as a dollar

Meaning: very secure

Example: My friend tried to convince me that this investment is as sound as a dollar but I am not entirely sure.

3. Money for old rope

Meaning: money or reward earned for little or no effort

Example: I’m getting paid to babysit my neighbor’s kids. Sounds like money for old rope to me!

4. Feel like a million bucks

Meaning: to feel/look very good

Example: You can still look like a million bucks without spending a lot of money on your outfit.

5. Break the bank

Meaning: to use up all of your money

Example: Some parents break the bank sending their children to expensive schools.

6. Money to burn

Meaning: to spend a lot of money on unnecessary things

Example: Every time, I see her, she is wearing expensive dresses. She must have money to burn.

7. Money talks

Meaning: people with a lot of money have power and influence

Example: To win the case, he hired the best lawyers of the country, money talks.

8. Foot the bill

Meaning: to pay for something

Example: The company is footing the bill for this business lunch.

9. Make a killing

Meaning: to earn a lot of money in a short time

Example: Tom made a killing with the sale of his London house.

10. A dime a dozen

Meaning: something very common

Example: Those antique decorations and beautiful, but they a dime a dozen.

11. Sitting on gold mine

Meaning: to own something very valuable, especially without realizing it

Example: Sara’s house is valuable. She is sitting on a gold mine.

12. Sock away

Meaning: to save money by putting it in a bank or by investing it

Example: While we are wasting our salaries on gadget, our friend Sarah is quietly socking hers away.

13. Flat broke

Meaning: not having any money at all

Example: Liam can’t help me, he’s flat broke.

14. Cut a check

Meaning: to write a check

Example: I will cut you a check as early as possible.

15. At the drop of a dime

Meaning: something that can happen very fast without hesitation

Example: I have more or less free movement all around the world at the drop of a dime.

16. A light purse is a heavy curse

Meaning: life is difficult when you don’t have much money

Example: Nowadays, I’m running short of money. So, I realize a light purse is a heavy curse.

17. Make ends meet

Meaning: to have enough money to survive on

Example: Tom had to work extra hours to make ends meet.

18. On the house

Meaning: free of charge

Example: I offered my services free of charge.

19. On a shoestring

Meaning: with a very little amount of money

Example: I can’t go out to dinner with my class mates since I’m on a shoestring at the moment.

20. Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: to be very expensive

Example: I want to buy a house in the center of the city but it may cost me an arm and a leg.

21. Out of pocket

Meaning: to be short of money

Example: She forbade to go to out to dinner with us since she is a bit out of pocket right now.

22. Be made of money

Meaning: to be very rich

Example: You need to be made of money to have a luxury house in U.S.A.

23. Easy money

Meaning: money that can be earned without much effort

Example: The new generation often looks for easy money.

24. Cash cow

Meaning: a business that makes a lot of money

Example: My new software house is a cash cow.

25. A penny saved is a penny earned

Meaning: it is wise to save money

Example: Now that I have financial difficulties, I have realized that a penny saved is a penny earned.

26. Bet your bottom dollar

Meaning: something will definitely happen

Example: I can bet your bottom dollar that Sarah will be late tonight.

27. A day late and a dollar short

Meaning: late and ill-prepared

Example: oops! But your proposal is a day late and a dollar short.

28. Save for a rainy day

Meaning: to save money for a time when you really need it

Example: My mom gave me some money but I’m not going to use it now, I’m saving it for a rainy day.

29. On the breadline

Meaning: to be very poor

Example: My grandparents grew up in a family that was on the breadline.

30. Pinch pennies

Meaning: to spend as little money as possible

Example: I decided not to pinch pennies on my upcoming birthday.

31. Cash in on

Meaning: to earn a profit from an opportunity

Example: He was planning to cash in on the insurance policy.

32. Cash-and-carry

Meaning: buying or selling something for cash only and with no delivery

Example: I bought the food in bulk at the local cash-and-carry.

The following infographic will better help you to understand the meanings of idioms about money.

Idiom about money - write to aspire



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