Idiomatic Expressions Used to Express Happiness

idioms used to express happiness

Idioms are words, expressions, and phrases which we generally use in our conversation. Indeed, they make our language more vivid and colorful. Here are a few idioms used to express happiness.

Happy as Larry

When someone is as happy as Larry, he/she is, indeed, very happy. This idiom belongs to a boxer Larry Foley. In the 1980s, Larry won the biggest tremendous prize worth of $150,000, and a newspaper of New Zealand published an article that had the title Happy as Larry. However, this description or expression stuck, and it’s common now as an idiom used to express happiness.

On Top of the World

Many authors used this expression since the beginning of the 20th century in their writings. People often use words “up” or “on top” to express immense happiness. Hence, this phrase is common as one of the idioms used to express happiness.

Be in a Transport of Delight

Be in a transport of delight is an expression showing great elation. This idiom expresses strong feelings of pleasure and is known as an idiom used to express happiness.

Over the Moon

This expression belongs to a popular rhyme of the 16th century. It goes like

Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat, and the fiddle

The cow jumped over the moon

The little dog laughed to see such fun

And the dish ran away with the spoon

This parlance is common as an idiom used to express happiness.

Walking on Air

This expression is comparatively new. When someone is so happy, he/she feels like floating in the air. Similarly, the wording walking on air expresses extreme joy and is popular as an idiom used to express happiness.

Have a Whale of a Time

This idiom hints at the largest mammal and describes something bigger or spectacular. In addition to this, it expresses an enjoyable experience and is known as an idiom used to express happiness.

Burst with Joy

Burst with joy or pride is an expression that shows exuberant feelings. This word group is familiar as an idiom used to express happiness.

Tickled Pink

Tickled pink here doesn’t mean light pink shade of the skin. It’s a metaphorical term known as an idiom used to express happiness.

Jump for Joy

The expression jump for joy means to be very pleased about something. For example, if you say that someone is jumping for joy, you mean to say that he/she is so cheerful.

With Bells On

This idiom is customarily used when someone is ready to celebrate an event. The well-known metaphoric expression refers to decorating oneself for special occasions.

Get a Kick out of

This idiomatic expression is used when someone gets a sense of enjoyment. In fact, it is a 20th-century American expression. However, it gained immortality in Cole Porter’s song, “I get a kick out of you.” This turn of phrase is common as an idiom used to express happiness.

In Seventh Heaven

This expression depicts the intense happiness of someone. For instance, if someone says that he/she is in the seventh heaven, it means that they are extremely happy.

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