How to Improve Grammar in English? Tips For Fast Learning English!


Do You Want to Improve Grammar in English? 

“How to Improve Grammar in English” …does it sounds familiar? If yes, then you are not alone. Almost every other student of English finds it confusing when it comes to English grammar. Needless to say that there are millions of sources available online to “improve Grammar in English”. But we get puzzled with verbs, tenses, and rules of grammar. Even the native speakers had to practice English grammar. The one quick tip is to practice grammar as much as you can. You really need to pull your socks up to learn it. Do I sound like your old English teacher? Haha! No! It is not that difficult.

We have some golden tips to improve grammar in English. Catch up with us to learn, know and be a master of English Grammar!

How to improve grammar in English- write to aspire

Why Improve Grammar in English?

While learning English we all face challenges. There is a lot of confusion about grammar. It is more like a difficult game with a difficult set of instructions. But improving English skills and grammar will carry weight in your life as a student and later as an employee. The real goal is writing correct grammar in your English assignment or writing a blog or an article.

You might be thinking to write and get it to edit from grammar apps available online. But that is not the correct way. You must know and learn English grammar first. You can use these apps for correcting your content. But you can’t reply on apps completely. I may sound demotivating. But at some point in life, you will need to learn grammar. So why not now?

Let’s cut the chase and get down to the golden rules of learning grammar.

1- Practice Grammar Every day

Yes, practicing every day will help you to nail it. Learning grammar is an ongoing process. But you have to give 30 minutes daily to quickly solve an exercise and learn and memorize and use one vocabulary word daily. For this purpose, feel free to consult a book or use an online app to solve exercises daily.

You can start practicing from simple present tense to future progressive tense. Later on, move to solve exercises of adverbs and adjectives. Side by side you can learn and practice gerunds, and infinitives rules. Similarly, you will encounter imperative sentences, irregular and regular verbs, singular plural, modal auxiliaries. Last but not least are conditional sentences with if-clauses. Abreast of this, I positively encourage you to practice prepositions daily.

2- Learning Vocabulary

I personally love practicing vocabulary daily. The fun part is we link vocabulary to our daily activities. Like we practice daily routine vocabulary at our home. For instance, I ask kids to learn and practice good vocabulary words to use in an essay at school. Similarly, we do practice, household chores vocabulary while doing chores. Furthermore, it is very exciting to use tourism vocabulary while hitting the roads.

The most exhilarating experience is describing people’s vocabulary. Believe me, this exercise is so alive that we do it repeatedly. That makes it a wonderful family experience as well as educating my kids to learn English grammar practically. Playing around with English vocabulary and customized use of words has made my kids a pro in English grammar. I hope you don’t confuse it with learning and using just high-level English words. Basically, we try to describe every emotion, situation to learn strong vocabulary words.

 3- Reading English 

I know most of you don’t like this golden tip of learning English grammar. But yes’ it gives us an in-sync experience of learning grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills. Firstly, try to understand the in-context meaning of words used in a sentence. Then check its meaning and origin. It will enrich your vocabulary knowledge and understanding of words’ meanings in different contexts.

Secondly, through reading, you can understand the correct use of words in a sentence. Later on, you can use it correctly in your writings. Thirdly, reading helps you understand the use of prepositions. Be sure that Correct use of grammar is evident in your writing assignments and freelance writing jobs.

Finally, you have increased your thinking skills. It set off our minds to use new words and a better way of describing our situation with the help of grammar.

4- Listening to English

Being an English teacher, I often encounter questions like “how to improve grammar in English?” Do you reckon that answer is different at different levels of English proficiency? Yes, for college students, I ask them to listen attentively to their surroundings while traveling, in supermarkets, etc.

Listening to English engages us better in learning and improving English grammar. Listening practically involves our attention. As a rule of thumb, the more we pay attention, the better we pick. Listening will cover one of the learning grammar dimensions. It will improve your pronunciation and vocabulary too. I don’t much recommend movies and television shows for improving English grammar. That is for entertainment purposes and they don’t focus on the correct use of grammar. But talk shows, news, and business-related programs can enhance your grammar skills.

5- Communicating in English

Why Improve Grammar in English?- write to aspire

Communicating is key to learn English grammar. Conversational English learning has an awesome outcome on writing English grammar too. The more you communicate, the better you understand. Therefore, don’t ponder much on  “how to improve grammar in English and pronunciation?”. I urge you to practice talking in English with your classmates and teachers now. I myself help my students to improve grammar skills in a friendly and learning environment. As a result, I see a lot of improvement in few days.

I always tell my students that in the future, you will be appearing in interviews, writing emails, attending webinars/seminars, conferences, etc. So listening and communicating will help you to express yourself professionally. Therefore, we say communicating is a way to correct your grammar and pronunciation.

6- Taking Specialized English Courses

It is not difficult to get better at English grammar even being an adult. The learning of English grammar is not limited to your school level only. It is more required in getting a job and in personal life. Therefore, to be proficient you can take an online course related to your deficiency in English grammar.

Once an exchange student from turkey asked me to help him. Although he was good at grammar in writing, he had advanced grammar issues. He asked me “how can I improve in grammar and writing skills?” Knowing that he has sorted his deficiencies, I asked him to take a specialized English course.

How a course can help you in many ways? First of all, it refreshes your knowledge of grammar rules. Secondly, it helps you to learn new techniques to master the skills of English grammar. Furthermore, it will help you access your language skills too. Also, you will get a chance to discuss your learning deficiencies with your new instructor and classmates. Through a coordinated effort in a learning environment, you can be on the roll.

7- Writing English

Writing is my favorite part of being a blogger. I feel an urge of writing. I think expressing myself in English is the best way to improve grammar in writing. Through years of practice, I can tell you how to improve your English writing skills online for free?. Also, how to check for punctuation errors online for free?.

I have first used these tips to grow myself and then sharing with you all. Writing practices in class, college assignments, and essay writing is one part of writing. But writing posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Reddit, etc. also gives us the liberty to communicate with people globally. In addition, blog writing is one of the best ways to improve grammar skills. Writing correct grammar skills can let you move up in the writing profession.

Let’s quickly recap the writing jobs available in the market. First of all job of a copywriter. I like it much. Because it is a clean and quicker job. Then comes the blog writing job. For blog writing, you can take fewer online courses. Also quickly review 7 important steps to write an article to know the basics of article writing. After mastering English grammar skills, you can apply for a proofreading job as well. Not to forget the translation jobs available online for bilinguals. And hence, for a passionate writer, the sky is the limit.

How to improve grammar in English- write to aspire

8- Getting Help with English Grammar Apps

Believe me, it is now frustrating to hear “how to improve grammar in English, punctuation, and pronunciation”? Thanks to the age of technology, we can find millions of opportunities of learning and mastering the skills of English grammar. There are hundreds of android apps for learning correct English grammar. Therefore, we can choose an app and start improving on English grammar from today. The best part is that you will get a daily alert of an exercise and improving word vocabulary. Therefore, we can learn new words and perform grammar practice tests through our phone apps. I personally prefer the Grammarly app as it benefits me the most. You can download it and use it on your phone.

Hope these tips work for you. Remember success doesn’t happen out of blue. You have to hit the books to be proficient in English grammar. I think learning English grammar is an ongoing process. Therefore, these golden tips will set a path for you.

Here you can quickly recap all the eight tips to learn English grammar fast.

how to improve grammar in english and punctuation- write to aspire

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