How to Improve English Writing Skills Online For Free

How to Improve English Writing Skills Online For Free - write to aspire

A beginner’s Guide to Improve English Writing Skills Online for Free

Young writers often ask me: how to improve English writing skills online for free?. This question is fundamental since most students can benefit from online writing jobs to pay their college fees and earn a living. But when it comes to blog writing, you might have to consider many things you have ignored in your college assignments.

Does it hurt when you are asked to write an English essay, assignment, or blog post? Do you feel like dodging a bullet rather than writing something in English? You might end up searching for ways to start a paragraph. It is also possible that you are taking it as a last resort to write up a sample article. With content marketing is one of the top-selling skills now and having lots of writing niches available to earn money, you shouldn’t worry this much. You can always practice becoming the best writer. There are millions of online sources available to let you become a perfect writer. Besides, You can earn projects of content writing and make a good living with this skill too.

12 tips on “how to improve English writing skills Online for free.”

1- Willingness and Consistency

Willingness and consistency are the keys to ace your English writing skills. It should not be painful enough to take away your peace. There is good news that you can find hundreds of the best resources online for free to improve your writing skills. You can improve your English writing skills online for free through different apps like Grammarly and Hemingway.

2- Practice as much as you can to improve English writing skills online for free

Practice is key to success for everything. Therefore writing skills are no exception. The more you practice, the better you become. First, you should start with basic writing. No, there is no need to enroll in some expensive courses. On the contrary, it might be pleased to hear that most of the content writers online have learned from free online apps. These all apps give you a brief about your text and suggestions to improve it.

You must quickly subscribe to online dictionaries and writing help resources and start practicing now. I started in the same way. Many beginners asked me: “how did I improve my English writing skills for free?. I personally prefer Grammarly for my assignments and blog writing to remove grammatical errors.

3- Focus on what you like

All of us have a blogger or journalist whom we like and follow. We read them and admire them apparently for no reason. But there is a quick tip for newbies to follow. This tip is one of the best tips to improve writing skills. You must read it almost 5 or 6 times and pinpoint the phrase and writing style that appeals to you. Through multiple revisions, your mind would focus on those words, phrases, and adorable delivery style. Gradually through practice, you will get command on ways to write well.

4- Check with Online Best Resources Available

Yes, there are hundreds of books and apps available. But I have seen that everyone recommends “ Grammarly apps. It is Grammarly for a chrome extension that is downloadable on your system. Using this free app, you can change and update your writing style and make it acceptable for your blog.

5- Make an Outline of your Content

Improve your writing skills by outlining ahead of time. Editing in the Grammarly app makes it easy to finish my task quickly. Grammarly makes me free of tension for grammar errors.

6- Practice Free Writing in your Niche Daily

For best results, you need to write daily. That will be your free writing. You ought to practice free writing without paying attention to the mistakes. In this way, you will able to build your confidence and develop good writing abilities. Remember to write for a niche. Through practicing niche content writing, you will get familiar with the niche and the jargons used in that particular niche.

7- Use simple words for writing 

You ought to use simple words for writing. In the online world, your writing level should readable for 4th to 8th-grade students. Going after fancy or complex wording and difficult synonyms will mingle with your delivery. You must aim for readability around 60 or higher. This thing will make your blog easily readable for others.

8- Improve Your Drafting Skills

Suppose someone asks you, “how to improve English writing skills online for free?” or “How to improve English writing skills for beginners?”. The reply is simple; practice and learn through tips and techniques used by senior writers. Drafting is one of the highly recommended skills. 

Drafting is significant in content writing. You ought to write well for your client. First, write a draft and add all your points in free writing style. Later, you transform it into an article or blog post that conveys your main idea. Focusing on the main idea and delivering it accurately and precisely is essential in content writing. 1st draft is helpful to shape and reshaping your main ideas into words and conveying a proper message.

9- Use short sentences and paragraphs

It is necessary to keep your sentences short and readable. Short sentences convey better messages. Otherwise, your reader will be stuck and confuse in long sentences and paragraphs. The same rule applies in long paragraphs. Long sections may be difficult for readers to understand. Therefore aim for the paragraph for 250 to 300 words at the maximum.

10- Cleaning up your content

Even sometimes published articles do have wordy sentences. How to clean them? These online apps like Grammarly will highlight wordy sentences for you to clean up. It will help you to edit your text before publishing it. Furthermore, it’s better to write a draft in the first place. After writing the draft, do check on different tools like Hemingway and Grammarly. These tools will highlight your wordy and lengthy sentences, and you can clean up your text with more clarity.

11- Avoid filler words

If you are a writer, you must have encountered filler words. These are basically, really, very, just, needless to say, etc. are some examples of filer words. Do you remember using one of them in your last writing? Yes, they are frequently used in speech but not suitable for written conversations like emails. Therefore, when you practice writing through these online resources will help you to deliver a clear message without filler words.

12- Incorporate idioms in your writings

A content writer can add up different idioms in his/her writings to raise English fluency and make the script a bit more impressive. He/she can add up colors by using color idioms, adorn the script by consulting flower idioms, add up happiness while peeping into happy idioms, make people laugh by using funny idioms, add sweet words while writing the recipes of delicious dishes.


How to Improve English Writing Skills Online For Free- write to aspire


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