How To Change the Language On a Bluetooth Headset?

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How To Change the Language On a Bluetooth Headset?

Sometimes, when you buy the headset and connect it with your system, you get to know a different language other than English. Using the headphones for Smule listening requires the language change for convenient use.

It usually happens when you buy a non-branded china version of a headset usually, the headset manufactured in china support only Chinese by default. Still, you can change to the English language.

If you are thinking about how to change the language on a Bluetooth headset, we have a solution. You can do it quickly. For this, you have to follow the step-by-step guide given in our discussion.

Switching Language In The Headset

If you are wondering that is it possible how to change the language on a Bluetooth headset? Then the answer is yes. You can switch the language to another supported one if you have licensed brand headsets.
It is because the famous brands, even the china version, have consumers all over the world. So they add multiple languages so the user of different regions can use the headset conveniently. Usually, the default language in the headset is English.

But if you have been brought from another country, you may get some different language by default. For example, the headset with HDMI from France supports the French language. You can change language conveniently within a minute or two.
Let’s find out how to change the language so you can use your headset without any language trouble.

Step by Step Guide for Changing Language

If your headset supports a different language, you can do it quickly. But how you can know these are multiple languages supported.
For this, you can check the user manual or official website of the branded headset. Here you will get assistance with the supported language. After knowing language support, follow the steps given below.

Step 1
Turn on the headset and pair it with the device

The first step is to pair your headset with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It is essential to turn on Bluetooth to change the language.

After pairing, you will hear a beep to confirm the connection. Now move to the next step to complete the language changing procedure.

Step 2
Press and hold the ON and OFF buttons for 4-5 seconds simultaneously

By pressing on and off buttons simultaneously for four o 5 seconds will help you getting access to the language option for your headset. You have to follow the same procedure for almost every brand.
Once you hold, you will listen “welcome.” Maybe it’s not in English rather than the default
language. Once you hear the voice, leave the buttons.

step 3
scroll to language to hit the one you want

After confirming connectivity and listening, welcome now move to the next step. You have to listen carefully to the guide how to change the language on a Bluetooth headset.
The guide is repeated in each supported language. If you don’t want to listen to another language guide, you can scroll down by pressing the volume down button.

Step 4
Select the language that you want

After listening to the guide carefully, select the language you want by pressing the multifunction button preset in your headset.

These are the four quick steps that you can follow how to change the language on a Bluetooth headset.

Now, if you want to rest the language on your headset, you can do it as well. For this, follow the procedure described below.
Sometimes the language change accidentally. For example, if Bluetooth is connected and
children press the on and off button while playing with the headset, it automatically changes the language.

If you want to change the language, first disconnect the Bluetooth and make sure it is not paired with any device.

After that, press and hold the multifunction button and volume up button simultaneously for about 10 minutes. By doing so, the language will be set according to the factory requirements.

When you pair and switch on your headset, you will experience the original language on your headset.

Final verdict

Changing language on the Bluetooth headset is a super easy task. You don’t need to do something exceptional to do a hard step. Simply press the on and off button to proceed language changing procedure. Now you have got the answer to the question of how to change the language on a Bluetooth headset? Simply follow the simple steps, get language change, and enjoy your headset with language that you can understand.



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