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hiking backpack list

Congrats to all tourists and hiking freaks because the COVID lock-down is almost over. You can happily stretch your leg out on the trails as the national parks, and hiking treks are reopening 😉

So are you planning a hiking trip?
Or have you already packed your hiking backpack?

If not, then read this article to know the hiking essentials you need to have.
If yes, then read the list to have a quick check of all items 😉


Get Your Hiking Backpack Ready With These Items


1. Navigation Map

In the first place, you must ask yourself, “where should I go”? Then the next thing when you reach there is to have a track of your hiking-trail. For this purpose, you need a navigation map. Not only a GPS device but a paper map is also a good option (in case your cell phone dies).

Navigation map in Hiking backpack

There are many GPS mobile applications you can download, record the track, and then use it on your hiking track without an internet connection. For instance, Gaia GPS App.


2. Charging Cord and Watch

Watch charger

While you want to have a GPS device, your mobile battery must be a loyal one. For this, you need a charging cord and a replaceable battery.



Are you using your cell as a hand watch?
If yes then do buy a good watch for your hiking trip!



3. First Aid Kit for hiking backpack

First aid kit is a must-to-have in your hiking backpack! The kit usually contains items like:

  • BandagesFirst Aid Kit in Hiking - write to aspire
  • Gauze Pads
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • Painkillers
  • Benadryl
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Treatment for blisters and bruises
  • Nitrile gloves

While wandering over the mountains, there is a high chance of getting hurt either by the wild bushes or the hard stony rocks. So its always better to have a first aid kit rather than waiting for any help in the mountains.

First aid kit essentials and tips- write to aspire
First aid kit essentials and tips



4. Insect Repellent / Bugs Spray for hiking backpack

Insects and bugs are everywhere! Particularly in the mountains, they are ALWAYS there to welcome you. It’s better to keep a good repellent and bugs spray in your backpack to avoid any uncomfortable situation on your hike day! 🙂


5. Sun Screen

Going out facing the sun in this hot summer, DO NOT FORGET TO HAVE A SUN PROTECTION KIT in your hiking backpack.

The sun protection kit not only involves a good sunblock or sunscreen but also Sunglasses, a Hat, Sun protective clothing, and an SPF Chapstick.

Enjoy while taking good care of your skin 😉



6. List of extras for backpack

WATER: Water. Water. Water. What else do you need in scorching sunny heat? Better freeze the bottles and wrap ‘em up to keep in your hiking backpack.

FOOD: While climbing the mountains you may feel the need to eat some sweet candies or chocolates so do keep these on your trip.

PAIR OF SHOE: Good comfortable shoes are a must-to-have while strolling a mountain. It is preferred to buy medicated shoes as they are super comfortable and do not hurt your feet at all. However, it is advisable to keep an extra pair of shoes, just in case of emergency, if the track is rough then it can rip your shoe apart.



7. Flashlight for backpack 

flashlight in hiking - write to aspire

A flashlight is mostly not needed in day time but if your hike takes longer, you might need one! Try keeping the flashlight with very good battery support so you won’t be worrying about it to leave you in the middle.


8. Whistles


Whistle in hiking backpack/writetoaspire.com

Hmmm! Not allowed to whistle at home? Don’t worry, keep it in your hiking list ;). Particularly, it is needed to gather your group if lost. Undoubtedly, we all know hiking is venturesome and outdoor adventure. In that case whistle can be life saving at times. For instance, when  half the crew like one track while the other half wants to go for a tougher but shorter way. Moreover, mobile signals also don’t work at heights. Now you are probably thinking how would you gather your crew back if they split up! No worries! Just whistle ‘em up! 😉

9. Hiking Stick

One of the most important items to have with you while packing your hiking backpack. These also go by the name walking sticks, trekking poles, pilgrim’s staff, or hiking poles.

Best hiking sticks/writetoaspire
Best Hiking Sticks


As you know, mountains are not a smooth road but a curvy track with so many ups and downs, and difficult paths to cross. So on such tracks your hiking sticks would prove to be ultimate support for you. This hiking stick has many medical benefits as well.

  • For instance, it helps to put minimum pressure on your opposite leg and reduces it by about 20%. Keeping your arms moving so the blood doesn’t pool in the hands is a lot safer than keeping hands high on pack straps and risking a smashed face if you trip.
  • Secondly, hiking sticks may aid people who have balance issues. These can help yo a lot while you move on uneven and rough tracks.
  • Thirdly, an observation that most hikers narrate is that their hands don’t swell in summers while using a hiking stick. The scientific reason behind this is that the sticks help to keep your arms moving and circulating in a synchronized rhythm. So the blood doesn’t get pooled up in your hands.

Furthermore, you can also use these sticks to clear your path by either cleaning a spider’s web or by removing unwanted bushes 😉

Have you checked all the items in your hiking backpack?
Is there anything we are missing?
Do let us know, please! 

Have a safe trip



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