Guest post writing

Are you ready to share your story?

Have you ever heard someone’s story and thought: “Me too”!?

Or maybe you have heard someone speaking their heart out and they silently inspired you to do something for yourself?

This is what story-telling does to all of us, and in particular, the real-life stories. These have immense inner power to make you feel motivated and inspired. Your life may seem ordinary to you but you never know how extraordinary someone might think about it.

So we are sure you must have something to tell the world. If so, share it with us. We will publish your story and let the world know about it.


Original: The content must not be published elsewhere (not even in your own blog), it must be original writing of your own.
Format: Story-Telling
Font: Times New Roman, 14pt size.
Words Limit: Minimum 500 words.
Mode: Online Submission in Word document file or PDF file and then send through email


Dedication: Feel free to dedicate your story if you want to.

Anonymity: Your name/picture will only be made public if you wish. We respect your privacy.

Tips and Suggestions

Write with your heart. Freely write without any hesitation and fear.
Take care of grammatical errors. We suggest you must use Grammarly Chrome Extension to keep grammatical mistakes to the minimum.


A few things that must be made clear are:
The team has all the right to reject your story IF it contains any word(s) that seem unethical and objectionable.

All the content, once submitted, becomes the property of Write to Aspire. And by submission, you give the team full authority to use/refer the story.

The submitted content can be subjected to edit any grammatical errors it contains. Also, the errors in sentence structure can also be corrected.

By submitting the story, you agree that you have read and understood our policy guidelines and disclaimer.