Funny Idioms with Meanings and Examples

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Do you know idioms help us to say and describe many things with just a few words?  They help us to express a situation more efficiently and creatively. They not only enrich our language but also add color and power to it. Funny idioms make our language more interesting and less monotonous.

Idioms indeed broaden people’s understanding of a language. They are nicer to listen to and make our conversation less boring and uninteresting. In fact, native speakers more often use idioms in their writing as compared to non-native speakers.

Here we have compiled most-used funny idioms in the English Language.

As Cool as Cucumber

            This expression comes from the fact that even in hot conditions, cucumbers are cool, fresh and green and 20 degrees cooler than the external air. This idiom comes in the category of funny expressions and is very common to use.

Chew the Fat

This expression refers to the actual movement of the mouth when chewing fat or when friends get together to gossip. Both activities require the movement of the mouth. This idiom belongs to the category of comic idioms and alludes towards a long informal conversation with someone.

Head in the Clouds

This expression is used in two situations. First is to be out of touch with the world because of living in a fantasy or have unrealistic dreams. The second is not to pay attention to the world around you. In simple words, not to bother what is happening around you. This expression is one of the funny idioms and is meant to cause laughter.

Heart in Your Mouth

            If your heart is your mouth, either you feel very excited or nervous. The usage of this expression refers to the violent heart beating either in happiness or in nervousness. This idiomatic expression belongs to the class of funny idioms.

Hold Your Horses

Hold your horses is the plural form of idiom and is often used as an imperative. In the 1930s, carriages and wagons drawn by horses were replaced by trains, but the expression remained there. It started being used in a symbolic sense meaning to wait or stop or be patient. This set phrase is the property of funny idioms.

Raining Cats and Dogs

            This idiom has been used since the 17th century. It particularly refers to the heavy rain and belongs to the group of funny idioms.

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