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Learn How to Sound More Like a Native Speaker

Are you interested in learning idiomatic expressions? Do you want to be fluent in English and learn idioms, including family idioms, color idioms, flower idioms, happy idioms, sweet idioms, funny idioms, and many more? If so, check out the English Idiom Club of “write to aspire.” Learning English idioms helps to increase your vocabulary and you sound more like a native speaker.

Uniqueness of Expressions About Family

Every language has its own unique collection of sayings, quotes, phrases, and idiomatic expressions. In fact, the idiomatic expressions or phrases contain meanings that are not obvious. Undoubtedly, we can’t understand idioms by merely looking at the individual words. Idiomatic expressions have a symbolic meaning that is utterly different from useful expressions about family literal meaning.
Sometimes all you need is a little splash of expressions. Idioms can help you to transform your description from a dull and flat description into an exciting description. Incorporating phrases in your writing can force the reader to stay focused and excited and think abstractly rather than literally.

Stay Focused and Learn with Fun

In this article, write to aspire has provided you an excellent opportunity to learn family idioms and phrases with meanings and examples. Remember, learning idioms isn’t an impossible task. Sometimes, as a non-native speaker, you won’t be able to guess the idiom’s meaning as quickly and as efficiently. Therefore, you need to stay focused, and gradually you’ll see that learning idioms isn’t so tricky and can even be fun for you.

Idioms can help you to make concepts, situations, and ideas more real. Using them in your writing and language makes them more fascinating. By learning phrases, you will definitely be able to have a natural conversation with native speakers. You’ll also be able to keep up the flow of the discussion with proficient English speakers. Moreover, your conversation will undoubtedly impact significantly on native speakers.

Here’s is a list of family idioms—an addition to the Idiom Club of Write to Aspire. So, go through it and increase your vocabulary.

1. Helicopter Parenting

The phrase “helicopter parents” are so named since they always hover overhead and interfere in their child’s every movement or decision. Helicopter parents are also known as cosseting parents, bulldoze parents, or lawnmower parents. They overprotect their child/children and take excessive interest in their activities. This idiom belongs to the category of family idioms.


My father is a helicopter parent who takes an excessive interest in all my activities.

2. My old man

The idiom “my old man” refers to a husband, boyfriend, or especially a male lover with whom one cohabits. He can be a person in a position of authority, an employer, or a commanding officer. We also use this phrase affectionately while addressing a man.


> Today I arranged a birthday party for my old man.
> The old man has ordered an inspection for Thursday morning.

3. Pop the question

The phrase “pop the question” came into our use in the 1700s. It was used to ask an important question, which might be a proposal of marriage. By 1820, the expression came to be an idiom, which means to ask someone’s hand.


> Sara was in love with John so, when he popped the question, she at once said yes.
> I felt happy when my cousin popped the question.

4. Flesh and blood

Generally, this idiom directly refers to family members who share DNA. In fact,the phrase refers to all humankind. Besides, it can also be used as a literal meaning.


> Nobody can harm their own flesh and blood.
> I’ll have to go to my Uncle’s funeral. He was my own flesh and blood, after all.

5. Bob’s your Uncle

In fact, Bob’s your Uncle is a phrase mostly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and commonwealth countries. This idiom is similar to the French word “voila.” It’s used when you want to say something is very easy to do.


Two slices of bread, a bit chicken, a piece of cheese, and bob’s your uncle-your cheese sandwich ready.

6. Kith and kin

Kith and kin both words come from German origin, meaning “known” and “give birth to.” Your kith are your friends, and your kin are the people you’re related to.


> We invited our kith and kin to our new home.
> In modern families, people treat dogs and cats like their kith and kin.

7. Like taking candy from a baby

Like taking candy from a baby expresses something straightforward to do. This idiomatic expression is American and pops up in the early 20th century.


Beating my little brother in chess is like taking candy from a baby.

8. Up the duff

Up the duff, the idiom is one of the many euphemisms for pregnant. It appeared in Sydney Baker’s dictionary of Australian Slang in 1941. Although not exclusively, but commonly it describes an unplanned pregnancy.


Sara is quite monstrously up the duff.

9. Run in the family

The idiom “run in the family” dates from the 2nd half of the 1700s.  For instance, if a quality, ability, or disease continuously appears in the family, we say this quality or disease runs in our family.


> Intelligence seems to run in John’s family.
> My sister and I have golden hair. It runs in the family.

10. Spitting image

In general, we use the term or phrase “spitting image” when two persons resemble each other. This idiom was first used in 1689 by George Farquhar in his play Love and a Bottle.”


> My elder brother is the spitting image of my father.
> With the help of makeup, the actor looked the spitting image of the real-life character.

family idioms-write to aspire

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