Do All of Your Rugs Need to Match?

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Do All of Your Rugs Need to Match?

As you might be aware, rugs are a great way to add style and personality to your home. But what happens when you have more than one rug in the house? Do they all need to match? The answer is no! Mix and match different styles of rugs throughout your living space, giving off an eclectic vibe that will make your place feel like it has its own identity. Check out these creative ways for mixing up your home décor with various patterns, colors, materials – there are even some cute DIY projects thrown in for good measure! So read on for the fantastic rug placement journey!

Get Your Rugs

The basic first step is to ensure you have some rugs in your home; you can also select a few from the 100 best area rugs! Of course, if you’re new to the world of shopping for floor coverings, then we’ll give you a little push. Start with two basic types: flatweave and shag. Flatweaves are great when it comes to things like entryways, hallways, or dining rooms, places where you’re not going to be lounging all day or rolling around on the floor. Shag is great for living room areas, though if you have kids climbing over your furniture, then a flatweave might serve better as it’s less likely to snag their little outfits and get pulled out of place!

Match Your Rugs

The next step is to match your rugs to the room. For example, an excellent place for the pattern is in smaller spaces to create some contrast without making things feel too small and cramped. You can also use patterns to accent, like placing a bolder style close by or hanging up on the wall above the couch. Texture and colors are also a great way to play with the design and aesthetics of your home. A neutral rug is always a staple for any room, but choosing one that provides texture or pops in color can change how you feel about spending time in certain areas.

Mix it Up

Mixing is the key to giving your home an outstanding style. You do not have to follow the rules of design for rugs, so choose what works best for you and your personality! You can mix up the style with various rugs or pick one you love and stick to it throughout your home. Decorating with different rugs can be a fun and easy way to change up the look of your home.

Mixing is also an essential step for matching rugs or deciding if you even want them all to match at all! It makes sense that most people choose a rug for their bedroom, living room, etc., but what about those who love to mix it up? It is entirely okay to have a unique mixture of rugs throughout your home. Besides, it is magnificent if all the colors don’t match, and some rooms even look nicer with different styles!

Keeping It Neutral

A neutral rug is always a safe choice because it can go anywhere in your space. Try out different styles without committing all over again each time. A neutral color gives you the ability to choose a different style at your leisure. Moreover, earthy tones are sure to go with any color palette.

Choose your favorite neutral hues, such as browns or tans, if you want a more traditional style. However, if you want something on the brighter side of things, pick out ivory or cream-colored rugs instead!

Going Bold in Your Living Room

A bold and bright rug is a great way to express yourself and add an element of surprise into a room. Even though it may be the focal point in your living space, don’t shy away from adding one like maroon, blue or red rugs! However, before purchasing this type of rug, think about its location and what else will be going on around it. If you have many patterns going on in the room, then it is best to stick with something simple. If you decide to take it this way, we highly recommend finding some great artwork or even wall hangings that will give your eyes a break from the boldness!

Mixing Patterns and Colors

Adding patterns is another excellent idea when mixing rugs throughout the home, but it can be difficult if one has more color than the others. If this happens, try adding darker colors that will match or compliment all other patterns and colors. If you are trying to go for something bolder, opt for a pattern in just one color. In this case, we recommend matching the hues of your rugs with the colors or materials found throughout your home.

For those looking to use multiple patterns and still keep it simple, this can be done as long as you find rugs with matching colors and patterns. This creates a cohesive look throughout the space, making it feel more like one area instead of fragmented parts put together. The best way to explore this is by looking through rug options online or in person at your local home décor store.

Mix up Textures

Another great idea is to look for rugs that have different textures. There are many ways you can do this, but one of our favorites is by combining a rug with more than one material or pattern. For instance, if your home has both hardwood floors and carpet in it, using two different designs on the same rug would be an ideal way to tie those spaces together.

Different sizes on the floor will also make your space feel more cohesive and give it a cleaner look if you are short on square footage in some regions of your home. For example, combining two small rugs with one large rug or using half-rounds can create a beautiful design without taking up too much space.

Furthermore, A round rug is a great way to tie together two different patterns, and it will also help create an interesting focal point in your space. Circular rugs are some of the most versatile when it comes to design; you can place them anywhere from next to couches and chairs, underneath coffee tables or dining room tables, in the center of your living room, or even inside entryways.

So whether you are planning on using one big rug in an ample space or want to combine several rugs in different sizes and shapes throughout your home, make sure that they don’t look too similar if you’re hoping for a more cohesive design style.

On a Final Note

The take-away from this blog is that it’s not necessary to match all rugs in a room. It may be more important for the rug and its patterns to work together rather than matching each other precisely. To help you get started thinking about how your interior design can mix different rugs with different techniques, we’ve compiled some tips below! •The size of your area should determine what type of runner or small carpet you purchase. For an open space like a living room floor, go ahead and buy any size rug you want at RugKnots.  With so many colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from these days, it can be hard to know what will work best for your space. 



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