The delicious recipe of Beef Muthi Kebab

Muthi kebab plate

The Origin of Kebab

Kebabs are indispensable and hit party snacks. It is a middle eastern Muslim dish. There are several types of kebabs like Adana, Muthi, Gola, Bihari, Shami, Boti kebab, and the list goes on. However, the lamb and beef are equally popular for making kebabs. But in Subcontinent beef kebabs are preferred. Usually, it is considered that beef fats make kebabs luscious and juicy. For this reason, there is a certain ratio of meat to fat in kebabs. But it is also dependent on the type of kebab. Like seekh kebabs prepared on grill take a good amount of fat from 35- 40%.

Types of Meat : 

Mostly kebabs are made with ground meat. But cubed meat kebabs are also famous in different parts of the world. Kebabs are an essential party item regardless of its shape and size. It is loved by almost everyone. Indeed it gives the fun of playing with food creativity at big parties due to its shape and size. Moreover, it is the most palatable food item on the table. The best part is that it ca be adjusted in main course as well as side dishes or party snacks. Above all, it is best for diet and weight control efforts. 

The basic recipe of Muthi Kebab:

Muthi kebab is a quick and healthy snack that gives an ultimate delicious taste with naan/ roti/ raita and salad. In this regard, the video demonstration of how to make these kebabs will be helpful for you .Apart from this a detailed recipe card is added below for exact measurement of all ingredients. What’s more ?

Important tips while making kebab

1- The meat to fat ratio should be 80 to 20 %

2- Use freshly ground ginger garlic paste

3- Try using papaya paste. If not available, then use papaya powder


Muthi kebab ingredients- write to aspire


4- Smoke flavoring gives better flavor and taste to kebabs.


smoke flavor in kebab- write to aspire


5- It is good to use 2 tbsp ghee/oil for shallow frying these kebabs. It will add better texture and taste to kebabs.


Muthi kebab fry- write to aspire


6- Do follow the exact measurements of following recipe cards for best taste.


Muthi kebab recipe card- write to aspire



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