Covid-19 and Coping With Mental Health

Covid-19 and mental health - write to aspire

 COVID-19 and its Origin

COVID-19 also called the Coronavirus Disease, is a global pandemic caused by a Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus. It was initially originated in Wuhan, the city of China, in late 2019. The fatality rate is indeed less than that of SARS in 2003, but the quality of transmission is far more excellent. It landed in Pakistan, along with a student, returning from Iran.

covid-19 and mental health- write to aspire

Measures Taken to Combat Corona

As soon the authorities came to know of the COVID-19, they first started testing individuals who had returned from areas where corona was already widespread. Secondly, the most important step taken was to impose a countrywide lock-down step-wise.

People were only allowed to move about in emergencies, taking proper precautions such as wearing masks, hence preventing further transmission. Also, how to practice social distancing came into account.

social distance during Covid-19- write to aspire

Who is Being Affected?

The Corona Virus has affected every person on the planet’s face, mentally, if not physically. But according to the survey, the people who have been enormously affected are as follows: 

  • Firstly, people having a fragile immune system and already suffering from underlying diseases
  • Secondly, health care workers and providers
  • Essential workers such as those working in food chains and cleaners
  • Unemployed people or who have lost their jobs
  • Children and teens, in whom the mental disturbance ratio is highest.
  • People of minority and small groups.

How COVID Affects Mental Health ?

Since the implementation of lock down and social distancing, the most important coping mechanism of humans is that social interaction is greatly affected. 

People who used to socialize a lot with their friends and families are indeed affected the most. They are now finding themselves in an infinite, never-ending loop of loneliness and depression. 

The second reason is the economic fallout. The businesses are shutdown; hence people are facing financial blows. This disastrous economic situation leads more and more people into anxiety about, firstly, not having enough resources to feed their families or pay their essential bills, secondly, of losing their jobs permanently. Even small businesses are short on money to pat their workforce, making this sector more irritable and anxious.

People are in continuous fear for themselves and their families to contract the dangerous virus and spend torturous days in the hospital alone, far from their loved ones. Some also face the fear of losing their loved ones forever to this widely spreading fatal virus.

The healthcare workers having to work in more than 24-hour shifts are not also immune to disturbing the mental effects of the COVID-19. They are exhaust out and much distress by the situation in the hospitals. They also have a sword of immense terror hanging on their heads of bringing the virus home to their loved ones.

Increased screen time due to online classes and online meetings has played a significant role in putting an extraordinary strain on eyes. The continuous rays emitting from the computer and laptop screen changing the brain structure, which could be dangerous in the longer run.

How is COVID Affecting Kids and Younger Population?

COVID is said to spare children physically because of their healthy immune system; nevertheless, on the other hand, the pandemic is bringing stress to which these souls are not immune.

Ezra Golberstein says about the COVID affecting children:

“kids will have a double wallop.”

With the lock down extending and children being out of schools for about four months now, the stress ratio and anxiety have risen. Firstly, the disturbance in their familiar pattern, secondly the splitting of their friends and finally, the dread of the virus itself diminishes their emotional stability and capability to remain psychologically hale and hearty. Children who are already suffering from conditions such as depression, ADHD, are having unfortunate effects, more than one can have a handle on. The ratio of anxiety among these children has risen from 3.7% to 9.1% in only four months. 

How  COVID Affects Teenagers?

Along with all the effects COVID has on children, teenagers are foremost susceptible to domestic and sexual assault. These teenagers, who found college and friends as a great to escape from their toxic house environment, are now trapped with no one there to pull them out of this mess, even if it is temporary. Consequently, sedatives and drugs in teen groups have increased, affecting their health in prolonged areas. 

How to Cope Up With This Situation?

Dumbledore said to Harry Potter,

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of time only if one remembers to turn on the light.”

Here we share some of the ways to combat the virus mentally

It seems very difficult to fight against this Covid-19, both physically and mentally, but as Dumb

1. Try to Remain Calm

Calmness is probably the most important weapon you can use against the deadly virus. It’s is especially important for the household who’ve children with them. If your children see the most significant moral support, i.e., their parents show the calmness and compose themselves, they will be tranquil, it would affect fewer effects of COVID to their brains.

2. Focus on Self Care

Hartfield says, “watching news is not self-care.”

3. Establish a Flexible Routine

A routine should include things that make you shall help you to fight the Covid-19. The practice can consist of happy family time, meditation, anaerobic exercise, to provide you with the bursts of energies you need to keep yourself sane.

4. Limit the Screen Time 

Be honest with your children, but don’t tell them more than they should know 

This tactic will keep you aware of your surroundings but overburdening yourself will bring no benefit during the covid-19 situation.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Reach out for Help If You Need

Firstly, you should never be afraid or ashamed to talk to anyone to relieve yourself of eating you from inside. Secondly, you can always ask for virtual help from your psychiatrist to even reach out to your friends for use in this challenging time.

 And finally, Pause, Breathe. Reflect and remember the whole world is suffering from the same problem. We might not be in the same boat, but we indeed are in the same ocean. The key is to stay healthy.




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