Chicken and Vegetable Mayo Cake

Chicken and vegetable may cake- write to aspire

Chicken and vegetable cake with cream and mayonnaise

Basic chicken mayo cake-write to aspire

Who doesn’t crave the creamy and delectable dish as an evening snack?

Of course, we all like to have a scrumptious chicken and vegetable mayo cake . Believe me! It will completely boost off your mood. The other names of this cake is sandwich cake. Either has it as an evening snack or party side dish or even as a meal too. You can’t say “NO” to this dish. The best part is that you can use vegetables of your choice. In addition to this, we can try different flavors of chicken too. Whatever you choose to do, the final result is gorgeous looking and finger-licking chicken and vegetable mayo cake. 

Let’s see the list of ingredients below.


For complete recipe please check out the downloadable and printable recipe card below


Basic ingredients of chicken and vegetable mayo cake

1- Vegetables for chicken and vegetable mayo cake

We have used all kinds of different vegetables in this chicken and vegetable mayo cake like carrots, Cabbage , capsicum, olives, cherry tomatoes. You can use all vegetables of your choice.

2- Chicken for cake

Use either boiled and shredded chicken or any other flavored chicken of your choice. Sometimes, we like to experiment with barbeque flavored chicken, lemon chicken, or smoked paprika-spiced chicken. Indeed, the taste is awesome with all different flavors.

3- Mayonnaise for cake

mayonnaise- write to aspire

The mayo is one basic ingredient that can elevate the taste of an average dish. In this sandwich cake, we are using one cup of mayonnaise. It will be equally divided into all layers of this cake. It gives a creamy and velvety flavor to all segments of chicken cake.


4- Whipped Cream

whipped cream - write to aspireWe took two packets of  dairy cream and whipped them to form soft peaks. Our of total whipped cream, we used around 1.5 cups of cream in dressing. We have mentioned all ingredients and quantity in the recipe card below.

5- Sauces for chicken and vegetable mayo cake

We have used two types of sauce in this recipe. One is green sauce and other is red sauce.

Green sauce 

green sauce ingredients- write to aspire

blended green sauce- write to aspire






Green sauce is made up of coriander, mint, pomegranate seeds, salt, pepper, green chilli, garlic cloves , milk, cream cheese and mayo

Red sauce 

red sauce- write to aspire

Red sauce is made up of tomato ketchup, habanero sauce, chilli garlic sauce


5- Layers

For visual appeal we have made 3 layers for this cake.

Orange layer

orange layer for chicken cake- write to aspire



In this layer we have added carrot, cabbage, ketchup, mayo, cream , salt and pepper




Yellow layer

yellow layer for cake- write to aspire


In this layer we have used boiled and mashed eggs, mayo, cream, salt and pepper



 White layer

white layer for chicken cake- write to aspire


This layer contains chicken, mayo, cream, salt and pepper, cream cheese




  • We have designed a detailed recipe card for this chicken and vegetable cake recipe.
  •  First add cream to cake dish base.
  • Then add bread slices
  • apply different layer on each slices layer
  • Apply green sauce at the top
  • Decorate with vegetable.

Recipe card for chicken and vegetable mayo cake

Please follow the step by step guidelines from the Pak cuisine’s  video demonstration of chicken and vegetable cake 


Recipe card chicken and vegetable cake - write to aspire

4 ways of decorating chicken and vegetable cake

sandwitch cake 4 ways - write to aspire



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