Chakra Cleansing Meditation- A Complete Guide to Unblock Chakras

chakra cleansing meditation- write to aspire (1)

What is an Aura and Chakra cleansing?

Do you think that chakra cleansing meditation and removing negative energy from your aura is irrational thinking? Or you believe in aura and chakra cleansing? Whatever the case may be, read this blog till the end. It will help you to know the real facts about chakra cleansing meditation.

Some people think chakra cleansing meditation is a stress buster and makes you calm. But others are still skeptical about it. On the whole, chakra cleansing is part of spiritual wellbeing. No matter what you believe, I found that people feel energetic and healthy after chakra cleansing and balancing through guided meditation.

Mental Health and Spiritual Healing

Physical fitness and mental health both go hand in hand. We cannot undermine the importance of one over to another. But mental health has an edge due to its ability to control the whole body fitness. Therefore even physically and mentally sound people also take an interest in mental and spiritual healing.

Do you also want to open your blocked chakra? If yes, then read till the end!

Is Chakra Cleansing meditation a Fad?

Chakra cleansing meditation is very popular these days. Contrary to your opinion, it is not a fad. Rather, its roots back to ancient ways of purifying your soul. Whether you are familiar with it or not, but sometimes our soul desires more energy and healing. We often felt distressed, sad, helpless, and drained without any particular reason. If that is the case, then chakra cleansing meditation will help heal your soul and gain powerful positive energy. Regardless, stay with us to unfold the factuality of chakra cleansing, unblocking chakra, and chakra cleansing guided meditation.

Spiritual Healing and Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Spiritual healing starts from the visualization of natural healing and blessings coming to you. When you perceive that something good is happening to you, your energy level elevates and makes you spirited and lively. Therefore, the process of spiritual healing needs a deep cleaning of your soul. For mental well-being, yoga and meditation are quite a in practice. Meditation is the practice of focusing on something. There are various types of meditation, and all of the techniques are used for certain objectives. Here we are talking about chakra cleansing meditation. Through this meditation practice, you can open your blocked chakras. But first, make sure that your soul is ready to receive positive energy.

Chakra cleansing meditation helps to absorb and radiate positive energy through the body.

First, we must see what chakras are and how they affect our physical and spiritual well-being? This article will define chakras, blocked chakras, chakra healing and balancing, chakra cleansing bath, and guided meditation practices to unblock the chakras.

Chakra cleansing meditation- writ to aspire

What is Chakra?

It’s not hard to understand chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheels.”Chakras are seven energy storage points in our body.  Starting from the top of the head to the base of the spine, these energy centers keep the energy flowing through them. Moreover, these seven energy points store all the emotions and experiences. Hence our goal is to keep the flow of energy through these points. For instance, healthy chakras let the energy flow smoothly through these points and keep you enliven.

On the contrary, if these energy points are blocked or hyperactive, you may feel physical and spiritual issues in your body. Hence each chakra is responsible for specific functions in your body. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them aligned and fluent.

What is an Aura?

These chakras connect to form an energetic electromagnetic field around our body that is an aura. Besides, these are sources of energy and vibrancy in us. Often described as a “subtle body,” an aura radiates through these energy wheels to outline your physical body. Though these chakras are invisible, we can feel them and cleanse them from time to time.

Here you must be thinking about why we need chakra cleansing and how it can affect our aura?

Let me explain to you about the need for chakra cleansing and what factors affect chakras!

What is the need for Chakra cleansing?

stress- write to aspire

1- Stress

If we take too much pressure and stress, our chakras become out of alignment. Our emotional and spiritual bodies have a natural tendency to inhabit all emotions from the external environment. Therefore we are vulnerable to attract good and bad vibes. However, bad vibes can stuff our aura with negativity. If we don’t cleanse our chakras from time to time, it will be gloomy. Moreover, blocked chakras make us feel sad and discouraged. As a result, the negativity spreads like bacteria, and it multiplies and keeps us worried and anxious about things we can’t control in our lives. In addition to this, our emotional experiences and mindlessness keep it growing like a monster in us.

 2- Negative Emotions/Feelings 

Another possible thing is we lug around the emotional burden of someone else. If we look around, we notice that some people are super sensitive. These sensitive people acquire other persons’ pain and suffering. But the worst case is that they absorb the negativity of evil persons around and ingenuously act upon their wishes. But later, they feel uncontrolled resentments. These ethical dilemmas create emotional blockages leaving your aura filled with negativity. This negativity affects you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, you feel discouraged, joyless, and helpless.

You might be not the source of negativity, but the dark cloud of someone else’s negativity affects your chakras. Your chakra stores all of the emotions and experiences, which later affect your feelings and decisions. Negative feelings, distress, and undesirable behaviors block your chakras. Your blocked chakra makes your aura opaque. On balance, no one is immune to negativity. But becoming a sponge and absorb everything from your environment is an alarming scenario. So everyone needs healing and chakra cleansing from time to time. We are suggesting here to achieve chakra cleansing through guided meditation.

How is Chakra Cleansing Manifested?

You must release that negative energy and get rid of involuntary sabotaging behaviors. It would help if you managed the energy flow in your chakras. Importantly, could you keep it going in a harmonized way? It would be best to smudge your soul. In this regard, different forms of guided meditation help you to get rid of unnecessary feelings. This practice is called chakra cleansing meditation. Through guided meditation, we try to connect to our stored energy to learn which emotions disturb us. We must clear out those nagging emotions that are the reason for emotional pain and anxiety.

Now you have convinced yourself about the opening of clogged chakras. So, we will get for a chakra cleansing guided meditation at first. It is also better to understand that you might come across different yoga techniques, Reiki, crystal healing, music healing, etc. in this process. Just google chakra healing near me and get an appointment for spiritual healing.

Remember, our goal is to awaken the soul to deal with negativity and radiate our aura with optimistic energy. If you can achieve this goal, then you can live every moment of life wholeheartedly. Let’s get to know about seven chakras and their effects on the body.

What are the seven chakras?

You must have heard about chakras, though you might not understand the details. Today I will give a brief overview of chakras’. We have briefly discussed how our chakras are blocked. Moreover, how can our aura become vulnerable to environmental effects and absorb the good and bad vibes? These chakras keep the flow of energy in our body. But the negative thinking, stresses, emotions, and sensitivities make chakras disbalance. Thereof many reasons for chakra’s imbalances, and we have explained it earlier. Now I have very briefly discussed all chakras and its correlation with body functions. Each chakra is associated with specific processes, thus affecting its related abilities to function correctly.

1- Root Chakra

Color: Red

The first chakra at the base of the spine is the root chakra, which provides the foundation for our life. Notably, the feelings of safety, security, energy, power, desire, and connectivity with the earth are associated with this chakra. It is the starting point and base of chakra.

A blocked root chakra may leave us with anxiety, stress, depression, and disassociation with the struggle for life and life itself. Root chakra cleansing will free you from past insecurities.

2- Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

The sacral chakra is about your passion, emotions, pleasures, and sensuality. It resonates with a sense of belonging with family, happiness, sense of creativity, sense of love, needs for family, and connection to society.

If your sacral chakra balances out, then you can face problems in your relationship building with friends and family. Not only this but your creativity damages. Coupled with this, you will lose the desire for accomplishment.

3- Solar plexus chakra

Color: Yellow

Solar plexus chakra is the third chakra and located above the navel point in the stomach. It is responsible for many physical functions of the body like kidneys, liver, and stomach. Coupled with this, it is also related to self-esteem, control power over others, and a sense of purpose. Moreover, it is the center of all personality power, catering to the understanding of ego, identity, choice, confidence, and control over others.

A blocked solar plexus arises from insecurity, helplessness, and an uncontrolled urge to control others. In addition to the above, blocked solar plexus chakra inhibits your ability to grow. It might let you disbelief in others’ intentions as well as losing your mental balance.  

4- Heart Chakra

Color: Green

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra located in the center of the chest area. Indeed, the heart is a place that can bring everything together. Therefore, the heart chakra is associated with beauty, love, generosity, kindness, and compassion. Moreover, its green color shows powerful energy and transformation. On the positive side, the green color also represents its deep connection with the universe. 

The blocked heart chakra can lead to anxiety and depression. First of all, you can’t forget others’ mistakes, which makes you relentless and unforgiving. Furthermore, you catch up on negativity from the environment too. As a result, it leaves you toxic and drained. 

5- Throat Chakra

Color: Blue

The throat chakra is at the neck’s center, governing the throat, mouth, and neck region. Besides, it regulates the flow of energy from upper to lower chakra points through the spine. The beautiful aquamarine color represents expression and communication. This chakra is an expression of your spirits and creativity. Moreover, it connects you to reality and releases pressure through the careful articulation of your personality. 

A choked throat chakra affects your verbal expression as well as the ability to hear others. A person may express introversion, shyness, timidity, and antisocial behavior. Above all, the incompetence of self-expression is related to the throat chakra. As a result of disbalance, you will experience loss for words, fear, and disbelief in other intentions.

6- Third eye

Color: Purple

Present between the eyebrows on the forehead, third eye chakra represents a higher level of spiritualism. Its beautiful purple color is a mystical representation of deep consciousness, concentration, clarity, and intuitiveness. In light of this, the third eye can visualize, imagine, and perceive beyond sight. For instance, an awakened third eye broadens your inner perception and intuitive understanding of things. 

If the third eye chakra is blocked, then, first of all, you will lose your vision. We all know that our vision guides us to foresee the coming events. Blocked third eye chakra will create an ambiguity in mind. As a result, our life becomes stagnant. People suffering from blocked third eye chakra will not find an inner passion and drive to do something. On the contrary, they will be skeptical about other people and the future. 

7- Crown Chakra

Color: Violet

The magical violet shade petals of crown chakra make it mystical.

Crown chakra is related to the highest consciousness and wisdom. Hence, it frees you from the limitations of life. Therefore, it provokes a spiritual insight to you.

The disbalance in this chakra can lead to over spiritualism and ignoring the earthy matters. It is like completely disconnect yourself from earthy issues. On the negative side, we don’t fee inspiration and motivation towards life goals. Hence, life is time-bound and goals bound. Therefore, it is imperative to follow life naturally and focus on worldly pursuits too. 

The seven Chakras- write to aspire

What is chakra Imbalance?

Chakras imbalance means that either your chakra is blocked or overactive. This hyperactivity of chakras is equally as dangerous as a clogged chakra. Your whole energy flow is disturbed. Even one chakra can create a severe imbalance of all chakras. For this reason, we need to work on all chakras simultaneously to allow a balanced flow of energy through them. 

What is the solution?

How to Unblock Chakras

We know about the chakra and imbalances. Our next step is chakra cleansing through mediation and exercise. Before further dwelling on the chakra cleansing exercise, I will appreciate it if you apply a simple technique in your life. 

“Be grateful for what you have.” 

For instance, pause with heavy emotions and feel the beauty of nature. See how much you should be thankful for your blessings? How the miraculous mother nature provides your soul and body natural protection against many odds? Moreover, feel the positive energy in your body. But the real question is, how does this energy fit your physical needs and bloom your life?

In conclusion, channelize energy will be a great source of motivation. Only then your squeaky-clean soul desires to achieve the next level of achievement. You can mindfully focus on work and bring tremendous results. Let’s have a quick look at the techniques we can apply to cleanse chakras.

You can open your chakra through the following ways

1- Yoga exercises

2- Breathing exercises

3- Meditation practices

chakra cleansing meditation-write to aspire


Chakra cleansing meditation means that you want to manifest your attention to the specific chakra. Through careful attention and focus, you will be able to open the clogged chakra. You might think that

why meditation?

And what could meditation do to solve your problems.?

Let me explain this to you.

Remember the situation when your parents, siblings, or boss mock you about your task. You feel down and think that “you can’t do it.” Sometimes these negative thoughts don’t leave us for a long time. Because we continuously remind ourselves that we are not good at something. If negative emotions can be strong, then why not positive? We can use affirmations to bring powerful positive energy to our lives. Lets’ see and feel its effect on us. When we repeatedly do these affirmations, then we can reinforce positive strengths in our bodies.

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

You must be familiar with meditation. There are different types of meditation practices to help you to be emotionally stable and physically active. Like, mindfulness meditation, spiritual meditation, progressive relaxation meditation, mantra meditation, chakra healing meditation, and chakra cleansing meditation. Even there are different techniques for chakra healings like heart

chakra healing, throat chakra healing, etc. But at first, I recommend you do complete guided chakra meditation to achieve thorough chakra cleansing and balancing. Hence, chakra cleansing meditation is an energy therapy for energy healing. Therefore, we need to consider two factors. Firstly, to keep the energy going.

Secondly, and most importantly, is to block negative energy flow through the chakras. 

Here we are focusing on simple techniques that you can start doing now, and through practice, you will be able to open your chakras. But don’t consider it one-time activity. It is a continuous self-care process. Chakra cleansing meditation, coupled with ongoing practice, will raise your soul to a higher level of awareness, acceptance, and self-satisfaction. 

20 Minutes Chakra Cleansing Meditation


1 – A clearer mind
2- Greater control over the mind
3- Increase focus and concentration
4- Improved Vision and insight

Steps of Chakra Cleansing Meditation

chakra cleansing meditation- write to aspire

1- We need your 30 minutes for chakra cleansing and balancing. Select a peaceful corner at your home and sit in a comfortable posture. Then stretch out your hands on knees. Remember to keep your spine in a relaxed upright posture.

2- Breath. Yes, breathe evenly. The deeper the breath, the calmer you feel, and the quick start of your chakra cleansing meditation.

3- The third step is to visualize your chakras.

Root Chakra Healing

You can start visualizing the root chakra. The colors can also help you to identify the chakra. As we have discussed that root chakra affects the basic need and survival of the person. Imagine the red color of light around the root chakra. It will make your root chakra point warm and full of energy. You will get rid of any tightness which may happen due to blocked root chakra. After that, focus your mind on the red energy flowing into the chakra. It might take several minutes on this chakra. But you will start feeling the healing energy is repairing your soul.  

Sacral Chakra Healing

Then comes overriding sacral chakra, which affects a person’s desire, pleasure, sexuality, and emotional needs. I take it as most important due to its connection to creativity and our relationships. Your deep and slow breath has already started working on chakras. Now imagine the orange color of light around your sacral chakra. For better results, use affirmations for feeling the love of the universe. You might start feeling energized with feelings of safety and love from the whole world. The orange crystals, candles, and cardamom essential oils can stimulate energy flow through this chakra. After spending optimum time and unblocking it, we can move forward to solar plexus chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

While this chakra regulates your courage, self-esteem, and confidence, you can clean it through meditation and see the energy flowing into and through this chakra. For this Purpose, imagine the bright yellow color of light surrounding the solar plexus chakra. It is also possible to improve the meditation experience by holding a yellow crystal in hand. Whatever you choose to do, try to make a connection with higher consciousness. Imagine the bright yellow sun is glowing over the solar plexus chakra keeping it warm and full of energy. In this way, you will feel the healing energy is supporting to uplift your soul, making you self-assertive and confident. 

Heart Chakra Healing

Then move on to heart chakra and open your heart for compassion and empathy. Imagine that green energy is spinning around the heart. This energy is making you love yourself and accepting the love of the universe.  As you see that energy flowing through this chakra, then focus on the throat chakra.

Throat Chakra Healing

Indeed the quality of self-expression enables us to deal with reality. Therefore, concentrate on the throat chakra and imagine the balanced flow of energy through it. Start with imagining blue light surrounding the throat chakra. You can also visualize the water. Water is a natural cleanser and takes away all impurities. Mediate that blue light is spiraling around the throat and neck and feel the wave of relaxation around the neck.   Hence, if you have come so far with meditation, therefore now your brain will be sensibly attentive to the third eye chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Healing

Importantly, we all know that our intuition guides us. Without it, we cannot foresee the events. Some people have the powerful, intuitive ability and can sense and make better decisions before time. Here your third eye chakra will help you to stay intuitive. Start with imagining purple energy around the third eye. It will help if you see purple energy is absorbing the negativity from your body and channelizing it into brighter indigo color. Meanwhile, you will start feeling warmth and power in your third eye. Stay focused on this point for several minutes until you feel completely relaxed. 

Crown Chakra Healing

By now, you are ready to open crown chakra. When you reach this chakra, you will see positive energy is flowing through your whole body. You can imagine bright energy spinning above the head. Your soul is connected to a higher self brightening the violet energy above the head. Also, a heat of motivation and warmth of relaxation spread from top to bottom of the body.  Consequently, you will be able to see energy flowing through all chakra points. A beautiful luminous aura will brighten your mind and soul. Hence your healing process has started. What you see and focus on meditation will stay with you for a long time. And it will keep you brighten if you practice chakra cleansing guided meditation from time to time.

After this meditation practice, you will feel blessed and powerful without negative distractions. Now you can open your eyes and relax! 


Starting meditation is not easy. For instance, you might face lots of distractions. But you can get help with guided mediation tools to keep focus.

These chakra stones, mantras, and jewelry, essential oils will help you focus on your chakra cleansing meditation. As you continue practicing it, you will experience a sense of enlightenment, and your brain will drift naturally towards blogged or overactive chakras. Therefore, it will maintain energy flow throughout the chakras, giving birth to a beautiful aura around us.

Chakra Cleansing Meditation Tools

Though mediation is not easy, you can get help with guided meditation tools.

1-  Seven Piece Meditation Pillow Set for Chakra Cleansing

This is perfect for new yogis. New yogi needs support for maintaining focus and concentration during meditation. This seven-piece meditation set gives you a complete set of things you need during yoga. Also, it is made up of washable cotton material. The material used will be helpful to remove toxins from your body. I strongly recommend this for gift purposes too. It shows your love and support for new yoga students from your family or friend’s circle.

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2- Two Piece Meditation Cushion Set

This is a beautifully made meditation mattress and knee cushion for yoga and meditation purposes. It is durable, flexible, medium height, and extremely soft to use. This makes it a perfect gift item for new yogis.

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3- Himalayan Salt Fairy Light Indoor for Air Purifying

It is made up of natural Himalayan crystals. These indoor light not only add warmth and elegance to your room but also ionize air naturally for your better sleep. The best part is it is safe to be used for everyone either kids or pets. You must give it a try for stress-free sleep at night.

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4- Essential Oil Diffuser LED Therapy light 

You need a good night’s sleep and a calmer environment during the healing process and after that. For this purpose, you must add some features to add peace to your surroundings. This beautiful LED light runs up to 8 hours and produce 30 ml moisturizer every hour. With this given feature, you can add the essential oil of your choice to this diffuser and enjoy a romantic environment in your room.

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5- Chakras Relaxation Essential oils

Chakra cleansing meditation needs a scented environment to enhance your spiritual experience. For this purpose, you can use these essential oils for better concentration. Its unique aroma will increase your feelings of compassion and love. These are extremely helpful for chakra cleansing and balancing through meditation practice.

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6- Set of 3 Candles for Chakra Cleansing Meditation 

Chakra cleansing meditation candles are effective for your yoga place at home. These are scented candles with meditation supporting essential oils. you can open your third eye chakra more easily by lighting this candle to your surrounding. These candles will be great for cleansing bath and to enlighten the chakra meditation place.

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In addition to the above meditation techniques, there are other available techniques for chakra healing. So we move on to the next process for chakras healing. 

Fire breath

Deep breathing has phenomenal benefits on our body.

Fire breath or breath of fire is a blissful breathing exercise that will warm up your lower body and open your first three chakras. It is an energy healing exercise with a focus breathing pattern. Moreover, it will help you release negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings out of your body.

Firstly, take a deep breath and emphasis your navel point. You have to expand out navel during inhale and shrinking the navel towards the spine when exhale. It is rhythmic breathing with a focus on inhaling and exhale equally.

Thereupon you will feel tremendous heat flowing through your lower abdomen and thus supplying heat and energy to the whole body. In effect, it will clear out the lungs’ deposits and provide an abundance of oxygen to purify the blood. In addition to this, we cannot undermine the astounding spiritual benefits. Our spiritual body gets more assertive, and we become immune to absorb negativity from our surroundings. As a result of less captivity of others’ imprints, our soul can relish inner power and energy.


Breath of fire is a challenging exercise, and you may feel difficulty in practicing it. This yoga exercise needs concentration on breathing patterns. Also, the inhale and exhale duration are equal. So, you should slow down the pace if you feel dizzy or weak-headed.

This exercise is not for children below 16 years, menstruating women, or during pregnancy.

Chakra healing and balancing bath

If you want some relaxation in life, you can prepare a chakra balancing bath for getting rid of negative emotions and energy. Trust me! It will be a quick start of our chakra cleansing and balancing and will leave you full of life.

1- First, prepare your bath

2- Then, add Himalayan salt to the water

3- You can also consider adding a gemstone mash bag to your bath

4- Then, fill the tub with water

5- After that, add essential oils for calming and relaxation effect

6- Candles will add to the ambiance of the bathroom. For instance, spearmint infused candle will do the best job. 

7- Moreover, herbs will also help revitalize the soul.

Get in to stay for 10 minutes to an hour. Focus on happiness, peace, joy, love since water is an element of purification. Therefore, it takes away bad things from your body and soul. Also, it is good to take this bath twice a month or even once a month. For a better experience, you can use the following tools during the cleansing bath.

1- Chakra Cleansing Bath Salt Infused With Essential Oil

This is the best high-quality salt for your relaxing bath. With its infused essential oils and vitamin c crystals, it is best for removing impurities from your bodies.

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2- Anxiety Relieving Chakra Cleansing Crystals and Stones

You cannot imagine the benefits of these stones and crystals before using them. These are best for yoga, meditation, chakra cleansing meditation due to its unique properties.

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3- Chakra Balancing Stones for Meditation

These beautiful balancing stones can be placed anywhere at home or office for removing negative energies. In addition, it is best for meditation practice. These crystals and stones help in healing the natural energies of our minds and souls.

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This article has covered all the necessary details about chakras, blocked chakras, unblocking chakra, chakras, chakra cleansing, chakra cleansing guided meditation, and chakra cleansing meditation, chakra bath, the breath of fire yoga exercise, and getting a beautiful aura. I hope it will be helpful to deal with your physical and spiritual health issues.

Please let us know in the comment section about your chakras and how you deal with blocked chakras?


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