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Common American Idiomatic Expressions you Need to Know

common American idiomatic expressions-write to aspire
Learn How to Use Idiomatic Expressions in Your Writing Are you enthusiastic to learn common American idiomatic expressions? Remember, idioms are words or phrases that have hidden meanings and are not meant to be taken literally. Correct use of idioms magnifies the messages in a way that draws the readers in and arouse their senses. Folks!...

Useful Idioms and Expressions About Family

family idioms-write to aspire
Learn How to Sound More Like a Native Speaker Are you interested in learning idiomatic expressions? Do you want to be fluent in English and learn idioms, including family idioms, color idioms, flower idioms, happy idioms, sweet idioms, funny idioms, and many more? If so, check out the English Idiom Club of "write to aspire."...

Tips for Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Teens

teaching mindfulness to teens-write to aspire
Teaching Mindfulness to Teens To know what mindfulness is, first, we need to understand what unmindfulness is. When you are doing something important or unimportant, and suddenly you notice you stopped doing that thing and started thinking about a different thing, that’s what unmindfulness is. Not being attentive to something is unmindfulness, and so the...

Add up Colors to your Writing by Using Color Idioms

color idioms-write to aspire
How to Improve your Writing by Using Idioms Before peeping into the street of color idioms, let’s try to learn what idioms are, how to improve your English by using idioms, and how can you embellish your writing by using different idioms especially color idioms. Idioms, as you know, are words or expressions different from...

King Abdul Aziz University Scholarship 2021

king abdul aziz university schOlarships 2021/write to aspire
King Abdul Aziz University Scholarship 2021-A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY The King Abdul Aziz University Scholarship at Saudi Arabia is now open to fully funded scholarships for international students. And the good news is, women, who want to study in Saudi Arabia, are also eligible to apply now. But they need a male member (Mehrem) who can either be...

Idioms about Flowers and Plants

flower idioms-write to aspire
What are Idioms and Why to Use them in your Language? Have you ever come across the flower idioms and do you know how to use these idioms in your language? But before knowing it, you need to understand what idioms are and how to adorn your language with different kinds of flower idioms. An idiom...

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2021 | Fully Funded

What is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program? The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program 2021 is now open to all international students. Postgraduate students from all across the world can apply online at the University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom on a fully-funded scholarship program. The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program is reserved for 90 brilliant candidates, having an...

HEC Ehsaas Scholarship 2020 Phase-II | Fully Funded

HEC Ehsaas Scholarship 2020 Phase-II/writetoaspire
What is HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program? HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate scholarship 2020 phase-II is an initiative of HEC (Higher Education Commission) and the Government of Pakistan. While the program was started in 2019 to provide a total number of 200,000 scholarships, the aim is to provide opportunities to 50,000 deserving Pakistani students every year. So...

Sweet Idioms

sweet idioms-write to aspire
Do you know idioms help to awaken your senses? And if they are sweet idioms, they make your writing honeyed and sweetened. Using idiomatic expressions correctly in your scripts makes it more interesting and less boring. Idioms undoubtedly express the exact situation in a very different way and broaden people’s understanding of a language. Idioms...

Funny Idioms with Meanings and Examples

comic idioms
Do you know idioms help us to say and describe many things with just a few words?  They help us to express a situation more efficiently and creatively. They not only enrich our language but also add color and power to it. Funny idioms make our language more interesting and less monotonous. Idioms indeed broaden...