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The delicious recipe of Beef Muthi Kebab

The Origin of Kebab Kebabs are indispensable and hit party snacks. It is a middle eastern Muslim dish. There are several types of kebabs like Adana, Muthi, Gola, Bihari, Shami, Boti kebab, and the list goes on. However, the lamb and beef are equally popular for making kebabs. But in Subcontinent beef kebabs are preferred....

6 Medicinal Herbs | Easy-to-grow Indoor Plants

Medicinal herbs and easy to grow indoor plants
If you are a typical South Asian person then you must have heard about the domestic herbal cures for all your minor-to-major problems. In other words, the family-famous desi totkas particularly for the purpose of your daily skin-care routine ;). Such cures were from the plants grown in homes, to which, now the term "medicinal...