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This category of health and fitness will cover well researched and authentic information related to physical and mental health and fitness. Moreover our category also include nutrition, weight loss and weight gain and proven methods of gaining fitness and longevity. In this regard, we commit to present objective and informative articles in optimistic tone. In addition, we will present both sides of argument.


Anaerobic exercise-write to aspire
Anaerobic Definition  Before starting anaerobic exercise first, you must know about the definition of the anaerobic itself. The word "anaerobic" originates from the word "anaerobes", which means the microorganisms that survive without oxygen. So in simpler terms, anaerobic means without oxygen. Since the opposite of anaerobic would be aerobic, that means, with oxygen.  DIVING INTO DETAIL...

How to effectively implement eating disorder recovery plan?

Eating disorder recovery- write to aspire
What is an eating disorder? An eating disorder recovery plan can be implemented if we, first of all, know the definition and types of the eating disorder, and then we access the need for medical help and experts to get back to the road to recovery. Eating disorder is a mental health condition that is...

Chicken and Vegetable Mayo Cake

Chicken and vegetable may cake- write to aspire
Chicken and vegetable cake with cream and mayonnaise Who doesn't crave the creamy and delectable dish as an evening snack? Of course, we all like to have a scrumptious chicken and vegetable mayo cake . Believe me! It will completely boost off your mood. The other names of this cake is sandwich cake. Either has it...

The delicious recipe of Beef Muthi Kebab

The Origin of Kebab Kebabs are indispensable and hit party snacks. It is a middle eastern Muslim dish. There are several types of kebabs like Adana, Muthi, Gola, Bihari, Shami, Boti kebab, and the list goes on. However, the lamb and beef are equally popular for making kebabs. But in Subcontinent beef kebabs are preferred....

6 Medicinal Herbs | Easy-to-grow Indoor Plants

Medicinal herbs and easy to grow indoor plants
If you are a typical South Asian person then you must have heard about the domestic herbal cures for all your minor-to-major problems. In other words, the family-famous desi totkas particularly for the purpose of your daily skin-care routine ;). Such cures were from the plants grown in homes, to which, now the term "medicinal...