Best Reading Books to Improve English Grammar and Vocabulary

12 Best Reading Books to Improve English- write to aspire

Best Reading Books to Improve English

While we all agree that reading is a fun way to improve English: Yet you might be up in the air about what are best reading books to improve English?. Don’t worry I can help you with that based on my experience of learning and teaching English.

I understand that it’s a tough grind to improve in reading, writing, and communicating in English for non-natives. But you can make it easy by using different ways. Either You do it in a classroom setting or by reading novels of your favorite genre. Yes, one of the best ways to improve English is by reading fiction novels and motivational books. Here I remember the famous quote by great English writer and poet Joseph Addison: 

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”

So don’t just linger upon “improve Grammar in English” by solving exercises only. Reading books and novels can give you an incomparable experience and insight into the English language. Let’s see how reading improves your language skills? 

How Reading Improves Your Language Skills?

Besides, being fun, English reading opens up your brain to understand the language like a native. Hence reading is a learning tool. Therefore, it engages your brain more than just doing exercises. To put it another way, the stories or novels have a background and characters. They are easily consumable by our brains. Not only will it improve vocabulary but also the correct use of grammar. Let’s pen down some of the best knowns benefits of reading a book.

1- Reading books enhance English language vocabulary 

2- Reading books improves English language spellings

3- Reading upgrades English writing skills

4- Reading helps in better understanding of English language sentence structure

5- Reading Improves the correct use of English language verbs, tenses, phrases, idioms 

6- Reading brush up the use of vocabulary to describe a situation

7- After reading multiple books, you can understand the native speaker’s culture and behaviors and it helps you to use language proficiently like a native speaker. 

8- Reading dialogues in the books can polish up our communication skills like a native speaker.

With attention to the above advantages, reading levels up your English language skills. Let’s move on to the criteria of selecting reading books to improve English. 

 12-Best-Reading-Books-to-Improve-English- write to aspire

How to Select the Best reading books to improve English?

Now you might be thinking about how to select a book to read. What should be the criteria? Luckily, you don’t need to put the thinking cap on, I got a solution. You can base your selection on three basic points. 

1- Firstly, you should choose the best seller. Because people read the books and discuss them on social media. Therefore, you will be able to contribute and discuss the book on such platforms. You can put up your questions and involve in better learning and understanding.

2-  Secondly, select the genre of your choice. In effect, you can engage better in learning if the book is related to your favorite genre. The list of the genre includes romantic, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, adventure, and crime, etc. For instance, I like mystery thriller novels. Therefore Dan Brown’s novel best fits this criterion. Because, even as a beginner-level English learner, I enjoyed reading them. Back then, as a young non-native reader, language was hardly a barrier to enjoy the story. Indeed, Dan Brown’s thriller series novels supersede my expectations.

3- Thirdly, I recommend you choose the novels that are filmed. For instance, harry porter’s novels are great to read and watch as a movie as well. Thinking back, “The Lord of the Rings” books and novels gave me a fantastic English learning experience. Also, I loved to read and watch “The devil wears Prada” and the iconic character of Miranda Priestly, from Lauren Weisberger’s novel.

Therefore, choose whatever you like and enjoy reading books and learning the language fast.  

List of Best reading books to improve English 

Let’s move to the list of best reading books to improve English. 

1- Self-help books

  • The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Richards Covey

It is an inspiring self-help book that has the power of transforming your life. I recommend you to read this to improve your English as well as your overall personality.

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie’s valuable contribution to the self-help genre is a great book for students and newbies at the workplace. 

  • Awaken the Giant Within By Tony Robbins

It is a great book to learn control and discipline yourself. Besides awakening self-awareness, it helps you to bring positive change in life. Needless to say, it is one of the best books to read to improve English grammar too. 

2- Thriller and Suspense books 

For me, thrillers are the most engrossing books. Thriller, mystery, and suspense novels always helped me to improve my English by reading. 

  • The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown

Dan Brown’s thriller driller novel is a fun quick read. No matter what, you want to finish it in one go. It is the best reading book to improve English and grammar. 

  • Angels & Demons By Dan Brown

It is an awesome book describing the battle between science and religion. I consider it one of the best mystery thrillers. Being a writer, it is an incredible job to weave together the theme of science, religion, history, and mystery to make it an adventurous journey. To tell you the truth, this book completely blew me away. What do you think? Do share your reviews after reading this book. 

  • And Then There Were None By Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s murder mystery deserves a 5-star rating. It’s an awesome plot with a whodunit story which gave me crazy bumps in guessing the true identity of the murderer. Then again, besides the fun of uncovering the truth, you can read to improve your English. Even if you find it difficult, the amusement won’t let you put it down without reading it. 

3- Romantic novels 

  • Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen

It is Jane Austin’s most popular classic novel. You can sink in all in this enchanting love story combined with sarcasm and humor. This is a figurative style amusing story of pride and prejudice between Elizabeth and Darcy (protagonists) and how they become lovely power couples. Honestly speaking language is difficult for beginners but even then there is no harm to give it a try 

  • Till the Last Breath By Durjoy Datta

It is an emotionally breathtaking story of two fatally ill patients and their doctors. After reading this book, you can be more grateful for this life given to you. I hope you like the book and can improve your English skills too.  

  • Me Before You By Jojo Moyes 

I am moved by this story of Will and Lou written by Jojo Moyes. It is a practical romantic story. Although I don’t agree with the theme and ending even then it is worth reading. More importantly, you can read this to improve your English.

4- Fantasy Novels

  • Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling 

Who could be on the top of best-selling fantasy novels then harry potter series? Read this to know how the life of a miserable child with no parents can turn into such a beautiful life. The description of fantastic wizardry world takes us into amazing daydreaming adventures. You would wish to keep reading all the books in the series. In the hope that you might fall in love with the English language, can’t recommend any better enchanting book series to you. 

  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

It is an enjoyable adventure story set in the background of middle earth. Though, it is written for children but enjoyable for any age group. It takes you on an adventurous journey with war, riddles, and finding the ring. The beautifully created characters of Bilbo Baggins, dwarves, and dragons take us into the fairy world. Moreover, the theme and writing style makes it one of the best reading books to improve English. 

  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll’s magical novel about Alice Adventures is one of the best books to read for English improvement. Alice reaches the wonderland after following the rabbit and meets many creatures. Firstly, the description of characters will help you to improve your English vocabulary. Secondly, the narrative voice of the writer can help you to improve your English writing skills. Moreover, it is an enjoyable read for children and adults.   

I hope you read all of them and let me know which novels helped you to improve your grammar in English. Likewise, you can learn punctuation and avoid punctuation errors in your writings. Please comment below and let me know how you liked the books? 


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