Best Anti–Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes

best anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies recipes

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes

Since we started focusing on a healthy lifestyle, following anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes has been our first choice. It’s fun to collect ingredients and try to make unique anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes. Besides, it is necessary to add some anti-inflammatory ingredients to your daily diet. I guess smoothies are delicious ways to start your anti-inflammatory diet. Who doesn’t love smoothies? So why not we become more creative with our breakfast, lunches, and snack times to consumer more fruits and vegetables?

For instance, shifting to a breakfast smoothie helps you in many ways. First, you can kick off your mornings with healthy anti-inflammatory foods. Secondly, you can get rid of a conventional breakfast rut. As they say, the sooner, the better, we have shifted to a healthier lifestyle. On top of it, these anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes work wonders for your skin health too. How about looking younger and brighter with healthy weight loss? 

If you feel excited, then follow me for anti-inflammation smoothie recipes. Starting from today, let’s make the best anti-inflammatory diet recipes including smoothies and anti -inflammatory salads. Moreover, let’s explore what options we have to make these healthy smoothies? Yes, I am referring to a list of anti-inflammatory foods.

Best Foods for Anti-inflammatory Smoothie Recipes

To put it another way, we must know what types of smoothies are good for inflammation? In general, non-starchy vegetables, whole fruits, unsweetened teas, and plant-based fats are all good options to reduce inflammation. Besides, these are the best ingredients to make anti-inflammatory drinks. Therefore, I recommend correctly choosing the foods you use in making anti-inflammatory smoothies.

 For your convenience, we are sharing a list of anti-inflammatory foods. You can download and print this to use for daily meal preparation. Therefore, you can add healthy ingredients to your anti-inflammatory recipes to make drinks, juices, smoothies, and meals. Moreover, you can also read about the “10 best foods that have anti-inflammatory properties in detail. 

What Makes a Healthy anti-inflammatory Smoothie?

Please consider the following points before making these anti-inflammatory diet recipes:

  • Firstly, a smoothie is healthy if made with healthy fats, carbs, proteins, and fibre. 
  • Secondly, a smoothie is best with natural sugar only
  • Thirdly, any added sugar will damage the healthy balance of the anti-inflammatory smoothie.
  • Finally, milk, chia seeds, nut butter makes more nutritious anti-inflammatory smoothies
  • Lastly, smoothie helps you have an increased fiber consumption which reduces the risk of chronic heart disease.

What are the Best Ingredients for an Anti-inflammatory Smoothie?

1- Yogurt for anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes

Usually, I switch between using plain yogurt and greek style yogurt. Although both are good, Greek-style yogurt is thicker and delicious. On the other hand, you can’t use it for weight loss smoothies. But it gives a yummy texture to our anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies recipes.

2- Fruit base for the smoothie recipe

I love to use all kinds of fruits. The most flavourful fruits for smoothies are bananas, mangoes, berries, pineapple, and kiwi. For this purpose, I stock fruits in large batches and freeze them in ziplock bags. You can give it a try and have fun too.

3- Best Vegetables for making anti-inflammatory diet recipes

There is no better way of consuming these veggies than to add to smoothies. Vegetables like spinach, kale, cauliflower, sweet potato, zucchini, beets, peas, carrot go well with our taste preferences. So I always have an extensive stock of all veggies. Besides, these frozen vegetables give an extra texture to our anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies recipes.

4- Protein base for anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes

Naturally, the smoothie goes well with some thickeners. Like yogurt, we can add chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond butter, peanut butter, protein powder, kefir, oats, flax seeds.

5- Flavors and Spices 

The best flavors and spices come from honey, cinnamon, dates, cyanine pepper, ginger, and turmeric. Therefore, always use them for an extra flavor.

Best Anti-inflammatory Smoothie Recipes

Here are some of the best anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies recipes.

1- Banana-Strawberry Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Banana- strawberry anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes - write to aspire

This is a delicious way to kick off your mornings with an extra boost of power and energy. But, of course, all of these ingredients are super helpful in digestion too.

For instance strawberry, yogurt, cinnamon, oatmeal, banana are super digestible ingredients. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties of strawberry and cinnamon help in fighting colds and keeping your gut healthy.

2- Cherry- Spinach Anti-inflammatory Smoothie 

Cherry-spinach anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes- write to aspire

I dearly love the tartness and fruitiness of cherry in this anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothie. Added with spinach, yogurt, avocado, it makes it super yummy and powerful energy drink too. Besides, cherry- spinach smoothie serves best as anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe.

3- Kale- kiwi Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Kale- kiwi anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes- write to aspire

I usually prefer to make this smoothie for my mother. This is because kale helps to manage her cholesterol level. Blended with kiwi, kale also detoxifies our body by binding with heavy metals. Therefore, we experience an increase in energy level after drinking this anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothie.

4- Carrot-Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Carrot- turmeric anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes- write to aspire

Well, I guess you should make a yummilicious smoothie for kids’ good health. Besides, this semi-sweet yellow smoothie is a power drink to fight inflammations and pains. I usually add a tbsp of honey for my kids to give an extra flavor. 

You won’t find a strong flavor of turmeric after blending every ingredient well. On the one hand, almond milk and chia seeds make it a complete power drink. On the other hand, Mango or frozen pineapple gives an extra creamy consistency to this anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe.

5- Blueberry- Banana Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Blueberry-banana diet smoothie recipe- write to aspire

Blueberries are extremely good at fighting inflammations. This is one of the delicious anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes that you want to serve daily. Just blend everything fast, and here you have a rich meal based on powerful anti-oxidants, fiber, and vitamins.

6- Peach-Turmeric Anti-inflammatory Smoothie

Peach -turmeric smoothie recipe- write to aspire

Fully ripe, sweetened peaches blended with turmeric and honey give an incredible taste. I like to use turmeric root in this recipe. But for your ease, added turmeric powder to the recipe card. This is an authentic fruit-based recipe without artificial sweeteners. Our family loves to have it after workouts to help reduce muscular pain and inflammation.

7- Green Apple- Spinach Smoothie

green apple, spinach smoothie - write to aspire

Do you love tarty flavor smoothies? I have brought out tarty flavor anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes to satisfy your cravings. In this smoothie, we blend spinach, orange, raspberry, and green apples. Green apple anti-inflammatory smoothie defends your immune system and promotes digestive health. Indeed, it is one of the top anti-inflammatory breakfast smoothies recipes.

8- Sweet Potato- Almond Milk Smoothie

sweet potato- almond milk anti-inflammatory smoothies recipe- write to aspire

This lovely anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe has a creamy consistency. Besides, cinnamon, vanilla, and grated ginger give it a fantastic aroma while blending. For a creamier texture, I sometimes add frozen bananas to this recipe. But it tastes perfect in this way too. It smells and tastes like sweet potato pie.

Furthermore, during the winter season, try some of the green tea recipes to fight inflammation. In addition, arthritis patients can get help with a few home remedies for gout treatment
I have shared my best recipes with you. Do comment below and tell me how you like them?



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