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Having a breakout is awful, and regardless of your budget and specific needs, finding a cure for breakout can take a really, really long time. Fortunately, there’s one thing that works for all people: eating a healthy diet. Yes! Our skin is very much like what we eat. The adage “you’re what you eat” certainly rings true.

It has been shown that high-glycemic diets often cause acne. Besides being processed, these foods also contain a high amount of sugar and fat. They spike your blood sugar levels and are made from white flour. Dr. Linda Stein Gold explains that it causes a chain of events that elevates hormones and increases sebum, resulting in acne flare-ups. In order to maintain stable blood sugar levels, you should consume colorful fruits and vegetables and lean proteins.

If you’re dealing with a pimple now and then or suffer from cystic acne or psoriasis, including more nutrients in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner is always beneficial. In addition, certain foods have proven to be more effective than others when it comes to reducing inflammation organically. Here are nine anti-inflammatory foods for skin that you should put in your kitchen cabinets like yesterday.



Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and has anti-inflammatory properties, and help fight acne-causing bacteria. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory foods for the skin. However, we don’t recommend eating sweet potatoes daily.

Vitamin A is an anti-acne superhero since it helps regulate oil production in the skin. Moreover, sweet potatoes contain many nutrients such as vitamin A and C that support inflammation control and healing. Additionally, it has a low glycemic index, which keeps insulin levels steady and prevents inflammation caused by hormonal imbalances.


Incorporating blueberries into your diet can help alleviate and prevent acne, as they are high in antioxidants and can be considered an amazing anti-inflammatory food for the skin. They can also minimize oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. They are really simple to include in your diet. A handful of blueberries is an easy way to enhance the nutritional value of your morning yogurt, oatmeal, smoothie, and salad.


Cold-water fish such as salmon are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and have anti-inflammatory properties. They will also assist in improving your mood and calming your hormones, both of which have been linked to acne.


Dark leafy green vegetables such as spinach are rich in chlorophyll, which helps cleanse the digestive tract and bloodstream from harmful germs and toxins. It also contains vitamin A, which is a natural anti-acne ingredient. Use it in smoothies, omelets, and salads to gain its skin-clearing advantages.


Oranges and other citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and antioxidants that help fight inflammation. Citrus fruits also tend to be low in calories. You need this this crucial vitamin  for the development of collagen. It can assist in the reduction of redness in breakouts by helping to strengthen the linings of the capillaries. In addition to this, it has a brightening impact on the skin and can speed up the fading process of acne scars.


Walnuts are one of the best anti-inflammatory foods for the skin. They are a great on-the-go snack and a popular element in beauty products. Additionally, they are a delicious anti-acne remedy that reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of acne breakouts.

According to Kotsopoulos, the abundant omega-3 fatty acids in these foods maintain your skin healthy and radiant and lessen the symptoms of inflammation.


Kotsopoulos claims that the aloe is especially helpful in treating skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and herpes. If used topically, it can also be used to cure wounds, burns, and frostbite swiftly.

When consumed, ale can reduce the wart-like growths on the skin and the size of these growths.


Kimchi is a spicy fermented Korean delicacy that gives your meals a nice kick and a healthy dose of probiotics. It has the same health benefits as many probiotic supplements. Moreover, probiotics ensure the supply of nutrients to your cells, keep harmful bacteria in check and reduce intestinal inflammation. According to studies, probiotic-rich foods like miso or kimchi promote clear, healthy skin. Don’t forget that the first step toward achieving a clear complexion is to take care of your gut.


It is no secret that olives and extra virgin olive oil are beneficial for your health. According to research, their high level of antioxidants as well as the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal characteristics that they possess, treat a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

Moreover, olives include a high concentration of anti-inflammatory vitamins A and E, both of which prevent the natural oils that are found on the surface of the skin from free radicals. Olives help strengthen connective tissues, which improves skin tone and process against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.

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