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Anaerobic Definition 

Before starting anaerobic exercise first, you must know about the definition of the anaerobic itself.

The word “anaerobic” originates from the word “anaerobes“, which means the microorganisms that survive without oxygen. So in simpler terms, anaerobic means without oxygen. Since the opposite of anaerobic would be aerobic, that means, with oxygen. 

anaerobic vs aerobic


Metabolism includes two types of reactions, anabolic and catabolic. In simpler words, it means to make and break. The anaerobic metabolism refers to reactions proceeding without oxygen usage. One significant example of such a response is glycolysis, which means to break down glycogen that is present as a stored form of glucose in your muscles and liver. This glycogen breaks down to produce energy currencies that are called ATPs, essential for our everyday physiological functions. This anaerobic metabolism increases lean body mass. It imitates the action of insulin, which means it does the job of insulin without increasing any load on the pancreas. 

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Legends say anaerobic exercise can be summed up into five words,


Run anaerobic-write to aspire


Anaerobic exercise involves quick bursts of energy. It utilizes the stored food in your body, to give results in a short time. Anaerobic exercise burns the carbohydrates. These carbohydrates account for 85% of the caloric source to your body. So, in easy words, you are burning up the calories you are taking from the primary source.


anaerobic exercise vs aerobic - write to aspire

There are four main ways to differentiate between them. 

  1. Use of energy
  2. Intensity
  3. Length of time
  4. Examples 


The anaerobic exercises tend to use the stored fuel that is the carbohydrates by breaking them and releasing energy. Meanwhile, in aerobic exercise, the primary source of energy is the oxygen itself, which is being taken in long, long sustained breathing. This oxygen oxidizes the food and releases the energy from it. It breaks the food into a storable form that anaerobic metabolism needs to utilize.



high intensity anaerobic exercise

Comparing the intensities of aerobic and anaerobic exercises is like eating chocolate cake and baking one. The anaerobic exercise is a high yield, high-intensity workout that increases your lactate threshold. In the initial stages, you feel as if this exercise aches and burns your muscles.

While aerobic exercise is the slow-paced, rhythmic exercise that does not exhaust you out of your energy, it instead makes you exercise within your comfort limits. Hence, we call it beginners’ endurance exercise.


Since aerobic exercises are slow intensity ones, they can be performed up to 45 to 60 minutes done on a regular basis to burn the calories. Due to their slow pace, the aerobic exercise gives visible results in 3 months. 

But the case with anaerobic exercise isn’t the same. You can perform this high-intensity exercise for up to 25 to 30 minutes, five days a week, or a minimum of 3 days a week. However, these exercises give significant results in even a month if done with appropriate measures.


Examples of anaerobic exercise are the ones using fast-twitch muscle fibers, by using which the musculature is enhanced. They include

  • Weight lifting
  • Sprinting
  • Jumping ropes
  • High-intensity training

But before starting anaerobic exercise, you must go through fitness testing to check the overall health status of the body. Fitness testing provides a baseline to get started with these high-intensity exercises While on the other hand, you can begin aerobic exercise at home without much difficulty. These include rhythmic, gentle, and long duration exercises to build endurance, increase and stabilize your heart and respiration rate, hence also called endurance exercise.

The examples are

  • Brisk walking
  • Hiking
  • Diving
  • Cycling 
  • Swimming

cycling aerobic exercise- write to aspire

diving aerobic exercise-write to aspire

 Hence, it is clear from these examples that aerobic exercises are the comfort zone exercises. Meanwhile, for the anaerobic ones, you have to step up your stamina.


The primary benefit of anaerobic exercise to build up the Lactate Threshold Level. The anaerobic metabolism converts glucose to lactic acid. The acid then accumulates on your muscles and causes pain in them fatigue. But thanks to aerobic metabolism, it kicks out fatigue. The regular practice of anaerobic exercise can enhance your body’s ability to remove lactic acid quickly and reduce the pain with time. So in a couple of weeks, it is noticeable that you can now exercise for a longer time without having to bear pain in your muscles 

The anaerobic exercise not only helps to lose weight but to keep it off since it doesn’t let any extra food get stored in your body and turn into fat. Instead, it utilizes it.

weight loss- write to aspire

The anaerobic exercise also lifts your mood by signaling the raphe nucleus of your brain to release serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Besides, the other benefits include building up stamina, strengthening muscles including that of heart, and toning your dream body. 

Toned body due to anaerobic exercise- write to aspire


In the world of modern technology, the latest heart monitors are readily accessible than ever. Personalizing your anaerobic schedule has become more comfortable. The most effective way is to set your RUNNING ZONES. There are four running zones

 1. Light aerobic exercise using 10 to 20 % of your maximum heart rate.

 2. Moderate aerobic exercise using 30 to 40% of your maximum heart rate

 3. Heavy aerobic exercise using 50 to 60 % of your maximum heart rate.

 4. Zone 4 is where the anaerobic exercise comes in, using 70 to 80% of your maximum heart rate. 

Here you know you are challenging your body for its best, to its best limits.


Since anaerobic exercises are more demanding and do relate to anaerobic metabolism, a person needs to have more than a basic health system. So, People with underlying diseases or health conditions should talk to their doctors first, or their trainers to prevent their body from any complications of exhaustion. Without proper guidance and without knowing your health system, the anaerobic exercise would not be more than a source for burns, aches, and cramps. 


Suppose you want your body to be toned and defined with optimal fitness, the anaerobic exercise of your ultimate answer. It might be like eating boiled vegetables while ignoring the ice cream, but deep down, you know your body will thank you in later years of your life.

Kai Green quotes: 

“I like to use anaerobic type movements, I don’t believe sitting on a bike for hours.”

We have summed up the boons and banes of Anaerobic Exercise in the below-given image. It will better help you to understand the advantages and risks of both workouts. Aerobic and Anaerobic both can be beneficial for your health, depending on your goals and fitness level. Before beginning any exercise, take suggestions from your doctor. You can also consult a certified fitness instructor who can recommend the best routine for you.

anaerobic exercise -write to aspire




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