8 ways to Prevent Newsletter Spam in WordPress

Newletter spam in wordpress- write to aspire

What is Newsletter Spam?

If a bot fills in a form and joins your email list, it is known as newsletter spam. The spambots will fill up lots of forms using spammy email addresses and get emails from you. When you include these spammy emails in your email list, the email service providers will also mark your email as a spam email. As a result, the email service provider will send your emails in the spam folder rather than the inbox. Due to this reason, you will lose your money and efforts in email marketing campaigns. Therefore, you must prevent newsletter spam in WordPress.

Essential Tips to Avoid Spam Newsletters in WordPress

Let me give you the essential tips to avoid spam newsletters in WordPress.

1- Enable Email Activation to avoid the newsletter spam

Enabling email activation is one of the best security measures to stop newsletter spam in WordPress. Almost all the tools are providing this security option to the users. To add an extra security layer, you will have to enable it. After enabling this option, you can easily prevent spammers from filling out the spam newsletters. When you enable it, the subscribers will receive an email in their email address. In the email message body, a redirect link will help them to subscribe to the newsletter. The original users will click on this link. On the other hand, bots will not click on this link. As a result, they will never subscribe to your newsletter.

2- Enable Administration Approval for The New Users

Enabling administrator approval is the most secure method to prevent newsletter spam in WordPress. Using this method, you will have to enable manual approval for the new accounts on your website. After enabling this option, you will have to review each subscription manually. After making sure that a specific subscription is from the real user, you can approve it. You will get the notifications about these subscriptions via email. In this email, you will also get the option to approve or deny the subscription. If you have some doubts about a specific subscription, you can ask some questions from them.

3- Enable CAPTCHA to Avoid Newsletter Spam

To enable the CAPTCHA field is also an essential method to stop the spam registrations on your website. This CAPTCHA field is available in the form of a test question. If you want to submit the newsletter, you will have to answer this question. Along with questions, the users can also get CAPTCHA in some other forms. If a bot is trying to subscribe to the newsletter on your website, it will never fill out this CAPTCHA. Its reason is that this CAPTCHA is different for different users. If a user fails to fill out this CAPTCHA, he can’t apply. To show the CAPTCHA on your website, you will have to activate the custom CAPTCHA addon. It would be best to use such CAPTCHA on your website that will ask simple math questions. The bots can’t solve the random math questions.

4- Enable reCAPTCHA to Avoid Newsletter Spam

A study by a dissertation help firm shows that CAPTCHA is one of the best methods to stop spambots on your website. Now, the problem is that it will create problems for real users. Its reason is that real users will be annoyed due to random math questions. Therefore, you can also replace it with reCAPTCHA. It will not last a lousy impact on the user experience of your website. To subscribe newsletter, the subscriber needs to click the checkbox. This thing will also increase the conversion rate of your forms. Moreover, the spambots will never know where to click on the checkbox?

5- Place Hidden Anti-Spam Field

Some webmasters don’t like to use the CAPTCHA field at all. They can enable anti-spam protection options on their websites. The most important benefit of these anti-spam protection token is that these tokens will not annoy users like CAPTCHA. These anti-spam tokens are completely hidden for the spambots. The real users can easily find these anti-spam tokens. By clicking on these tokens, they can easily submit their newsletters. On the other hand, the spambots will never see these anti-spam tokens. As a result, they can’t offer their newsletters.

6- Stop Spammers Registration Plugin

WordPress allows users to enhance their websites’ usability, flexibility, and security by using various plugins. Similarly, if you want to prevent newsletter spam in your WordPress website, you can use the ‘Stop Spammers Registration’ plugin. This plugin is using various spam protection techniques to save your website from spammers. As a result, it will quickly prevent the spambots from the subscription of the spam newsletters. It will also block the spam activities on your website.

7- Use The Custom Registration Form

If you allow the users to subscribe to your newsletter, you should use the custom registration form. It means that you should not use the default WordPress user registration form. The default WordPress registration form will not provide enough options to users to prevent spam subscriptions. For this reason, WPForms is the best choice for you. WPForms is providing lots of security features to the users. By utilizing these security features, you can easily prevent newsletter spam in your WordPress website. This tool is available in the form of a plugin. Just like other plugins, you can also install it on your WordPress website.

8- Choose a website security platform

Many companies are providing website security platform for cleaning, protecting websites from future attack. The list includes Sucuri, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, and StackPath CD, and Imperva Cloud Application Security etc. These all are website security companies rendering services to secure WordPress websites from hackers and malware. You can also save your website from DDoS attacks by using the services of any of these companies.

For instance, after enabling any of the security tools on your website, you don’t need to think about your website’s security. Before becoming your hosting server, your website’s traffic will go through its CloudProxy firewall. It means that it will block all the attackers from getting access to your website. If it stops all the attackers from gaining access to your website, it is sending only legitimate users to your website. The legitimate users will not be involved in the newsletter spam in WordPress.

Hope you will take necessary security measures for email newsletters and website security. Also, let me know about your experience with website security in the comment section below.


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