7 Important Steps to Write an Interesting Article

7 important steps to write an article

What is Article Writing?

An article/content writer must focus on 7 important steps to write an interesting article. However, firstly, he/she needs to understand what article writing is? A piece of writing written for a wider audience is called article writing. It must be interesting, appealing, easy to read, easy to understand, and should have a good conclusion.

Furthermore, either the topic is serious or not-serious; it should influence the reader’s mind positively. These basic and useful guidelines mentioned below can help a newbie write an engaging and appealing piece of writing.

A new article/content writer should keep in mind that writing a content seems easy, but it’s not so. It’s surely a difficult task that needs significant skills to increase your readership. It’s true that writing a strong and engaging article is an art. It not only changes minds but also gains followers and respect.

A good writer always selects the topic wisely. He should make sure that the topic he/she chooses is manageable, and the material is easily available. Making outlines before writing the content helps the writer to write fluently. Adding visuals and images enhances the worth of the article. In the end, a good conclusion positively impacts your readers.

Important Steps to Write an Article

Here is a list of 7 important steps to write an interesting article.

  • Selection of topic
  • Target your audience
  • Research
  • Make outlines for better content creation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Add visuals and images
  • Closing thoughts


7 important steps to write an article


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