10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world


10 of the Most Beautiful and Fantastic Gardens Around the World

10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world

Would you like to visit 10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world? Hold your horses! As you know, nature never fails to amaze us. It’s undoubtedly true that a garden walk reduces anxiety and stress. Walking through a garden is, for sure, a feeling of pleasure and excitement. So, it’s the only place where one can get relief and feel energized from a busy life. A garden is, indeed, a meeting place with nature as nature gives us peace of mind so, it has a profound effect on our senses.

Here I would love to quote the famous creative writer Jeff Cox who penned down a beautiful description of the garden.


Bringing pleasant odors of beautiful flowers, natural and stunning scenic beauties, chirping live sounds of birds on paper is, in fact, very difficult. So, In this article, I’ll help you look at the ten most beautiful gardens in the world.

1. A gorgeous park-like Garden Kenrokuen in Kanazawa – Japan

10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world

Kenrokuen garden situated in the Kanazawa city of Japan is among 10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world. It’s the finest and exceptional examples of Japanese gardens. This beautiful and park-like greenhouse lies in the heart of the city Kanazawa. Although it covers almost 25 acres yet people across the globe admire the landscape of this garden. In addition, the topography of this garden shows different flavors in different seasons.

2. Magnificent Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew- United Kingdom

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens is among 10 of the most beautiful, fantastic, and extensive gardens in the world. It’s situated in Kew in the south-west of London. Its area is 326-acre. It’s famous for the collection and cultivation of a wide range of plants. The Greatest Seed Bank of Kew Royal Floral Gardens is the largest wild plant seed bank in the world. By 2018, it had almost 13% species of the world’s wild plants. The varieties of plants provide visitors with something natural and beautiful to look at.

3. A French artist, Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny- Northern France

claud monet's gardencalud Monet's garden

Claude Monet’s Garden is one of the fantastic gardens in the world. Therefore, visiting Claude Monet’s Garden has always been a surreal experience for visitors. The breathtaking and magnificent sights amaze all the art lovers who visit France. It’s a kingdom of flowers where Claud Monet spent his last 40 years or so while digging, planting, weeding, and painting. Claude began the designing of this garden in 1890. He worked very hard and diverted a river that was close to his house into a puddle. Across the river, he constructed an overpass as well. Today visitors can see lots of water lilies in the pond. The pond water is so bright that it reflects the surrounding flowers. This garden is in front of Monet’s house and is full of flowers of different species and colors. The number of fruit trees in the garden also attracts visitors.

4.The Fantastic Longwood Gardens in the Pennsylvania-United States

Longood gardens Longwood gardens USA

The Longwood Gardens is situated in Pennsylvania, the U.S, with 1077 acres. The garden is enormous, where visitors can see 11000 different types of plants and trees. Significantly, there is also a beautiful meadow garden stretches over 86 acres and attracts the tourists. There are appropriate long footpaths in the Longwood Gardens. This botanical garden helps to survive many animals and birds. Seasonal exhibitions of different species of flowers always become an unforgettable experience for visitors. During the summer, tourists enjoy musical concerts, fountain shows, and fireworks as well.

5.Beautiful Floral Display Gardens in British Columbia- Canada

 most beautiful floral gardensmost beautiful and fantastic gardens

The famous Butchart garden is identified among 10 of the most beautiful and fantastic gardens around the world. Its location is near Brentwood estuary in British Columbia. This magnificent garden spreads across 22 hectares. It’s a magnificent home to numerous varieties of plants and heaps of colorful and beautiful birds. A beautiful star-like pond full of ducks attracts the tourists. Visitors can enjoy musical nights and fireworks as well.

6. A Spectacular Garden of Tourist Attraction in Pattaya City- Thailand

most fantastic and beautiful garden Nong Noochmost beautiful and stunning garden

The Nong Nooch garden is the most popular tourist attraction in Thailand. This most beautiful and fantastic garden covers 500 acres. The botanical garden is the biggest and most significant home to flowering plants in Thailand. It also contains more than 670 species of plants. The beautifully designed garden has a long walkway to discover splendid beauty. Different sections show the species of different plants and flowers. Furthermore, the perfectly trimmed shrubs look so beautiful while you walk through this garden. Visitors can also have fun by cycling, riding on elephants, and boat paddling in this garden.

7.A Famous Tulip Garden, Keukenhof in Lisse- Netherlands

most beautiful and fantastic gardenmost fantastic and stunning garden

Keukenhof is one of the spectacular and most beautiful floral gardens around the world and covers almost 80 acres. This garden is only open between March and May. The massive number of tulips attracts tourists so much for which the country is known. Keukenhof is widely known as the Garden of Europe. Particularly, this garden’s popularity is because of flower bulbs, which bloom every year in huge numbers. The tourists never get tired of visiting this garden. That is why this garden is famous as a beehive of activities.

8.Summer Palace of Beijing- China

beautiful and fantastic gardenmost fantastic garden

This masterpiece of the Chinese landscape is among the most beautiful and alluring gardens in the world. It’s the best-preserved imperial garden. UNESCO designed this hilly and natural landscape and designated it as a World Heritage Site in 1998. It’s a 15 km drive from central Beijing, but it looks like another world.  A summer palace is a must-visit place. The natural landscape of hills and the fabulous lake is combined with artificial features of temples, halls, and bridges. It’s a historical attraction and a relaxing place for visitors.

9.Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto in Piedmont- Italy

most beautiful and fantastic garden around the worldmost fantastic garden around the world

The Giardini Botanici Villa Taranto is one of the most beautiful gardens with many flowers. It lies on the coast of Lake Maggiore in the west. It covers almost 16 hectares. The gardens contain practically 20,000 varieties of plants. Some varieties of plants are scarce. These plants have been set among 7km of paths. Many kinds of flowers like azalea, greenhouses, Victoria amazonica flowers, and spectacular dahlias look beautiful and attract the tourists. It also includes an herbarium and the mausoleum of the gardens’ founder. It’s a great choice to visit these gardens.

10.The Tremendous Brooklyn Botanic Gardens within the Garden in New York

beautiful and fantastic garden in the worldmost beautiful and fantastic garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is among the most beautiful floral gardens in the world, located in Mount Prospect Park in central Brooklyn. It covers 52-acres of land and contains 14,000 species of plants. A considerable number of visitors visit this place every year. This unusual and biggest garden has many gardens within a garden. Specifically, it also offers wedding and private events with a beautiful outdoor setting. This world of plants creates an environment of appreciation and inevitably connects the visitors with nature.


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